Pyle 4.3" Mirror DVR+GPS w/Map Dual Recording

What about the maps, are they life time updates or just for a year or two.
Wouldn’t mind getting this but I don’t want to spend $60 every year just to make sure the maps are up to date.

The manual says it is based on iGo.,-Bluetooth,-DVR-Recording,-Night-Vision-Cam,-Record-Video-and-Save-Images

That website doesn’t even list Pyle and provides a series of links that end up at the beginning-totally unhelpful.

“Yeah” - Checked iGo and Pyle’s support and absolutely no map update information whatsoever anywhere, even the one of only two reviews on this product on the Pyle website mention not knowing how to update the maps (without a response) - this is a definite ‘no-buy’…