Pyle 42 Watt Beam Flood Light

48 Watts?! 2A @ 12V = 24Watts!
0.9A @ 24V = 21.6Watts!
If you purchase this, what will you get? At least they list the color. I’m sure their color description is more accurate than the power description.

Is it a spot or flood? Both are in the description.

From the vendor: “This Unit has 14 LED bulbs each with 3 watts of illumination, for a total illumination of 42 Watts, its considered a Flood light with 60 degree coverage, Color temperature is 6,000K(white) and it’s the equivalent of 2940 Lumen. Current draw is 2 Amp at 12 volts or 0.9 Amps at 24 volts.”

Seems like they’re using watts in place of lumens.

But for all of that, it seems like a fair price for a bit of light. If they are high quality enough.

I have a pair on my Jeep that are gerneric. I was getting some front windows and rear hatch tenting done and the shop had a sale on the lights. I figured while I was there, what the heck. Sooo, they are 24watt flood lights. Think they have like 10 or 12 LED’s. I will say this much. Do not drive around at dusk or dawn (or at night) in normal traffic because they are VERY bright and irriate the crap out of anyone in front of you. They do a very very good job of lighting up all around you (the floods). Not sure how it will show up but here’s a picture of the ones I have. I can bet the 40+ watt lights are not street legal to run during day or night. I run mine during the day, rain, snow, etc… and I’ve gotten a few “read between the lines” hand waves. At night when it’s dark, they are amazing, I can bet the 42 watt lights are even better. Mine are mounted up a little high (but I have them pointing a low as they will go) because when my winch is installed, the lights can’t be below the bar. ANd before anyone asked, that’s a 2009 Jeep Liberty (KK), not a Commander.

Very good quality lights. Look awesome on the Jeep Rubicon. Pyleusa website is helpful if you have any questions.

UPDATE: These lights are a POS. I have one row on the bottom of one light that are flickering and are brown looking. They still light up but not as bright as the other LEDS. The passenger side light now as the same issue. One row, next to the top of the light, turned brownish in color but they are not flickering. No more PYLE lights for me.

Nice Liberty