Pyle 48 Watt Beam Flood Light - Square

48 Watts?! 2A @ 12V = 24Watts!
0.9A @ 24V = 21.6Watts!
If you purchase this, what will you get? 3360Lumens would seem to be closer to 26Watts or so. I suspect it’s 16each 3Watt LEDs running at 1.5Watts. 210Lumens for 1.5Watts seems like a good quality LED.

From the vendor: “This Unit has 16 LED bulbs each with 3 watts of illumination, for a total illumination of 48 Watts, its considered a Flood light with 60 degree coverage, Color temperature is 6,000K(white) and it’s the equivalent of 3360 Lumen. Current draw is 2 Amp at 12 volts or 0.9 Amps at 24 volts.”

Illumination is not measured in Watts. Watts are a measurement of how much electrical energy is being converted to some other form, such as light, heat, sound, etc. We got used to measuring lamps by their wattage when we all used incandescent lamps, but they only convert a small percentage of the electricity to light. They mostly produce heat. LEDs don’t produce much heat at all, so the same wattage use as an incandescent lamp will produce more light than an incandescent lamp. This has been your moment of smartness.