Pyle 5.1Ch 350W Receiver

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Pyle 5.1Ch 350W Receiver
$89.99 + $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $14 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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It’s a steaming pyle.


uh huh

Does this receiver sounds like a Pyle?

What are the chances they will go 2 woot-offs in a row without any bags of crap?

Still wondering what year it is.

You guys are really Pyleing on with the bad puns.

isn’t this the company that makes car subwoofers? and this is a home audio receiver?

is it weird i have been singing Wootalyzer to the chorus of Womanizer by Britney Spears over and over in my head? I’m trying to make up lyrics for the versus, but i’m only one verse into the song.

I seriously doubt there will be. Last woot off no BOC, the previous wootoff 50 some sold before the severs died.

However as far as the receiver goes… the power output is listed @ 4ohm??? That means standard (8ohm) speakers will receive ~50% of the 50W power listed?

wow. that’s just crappy? shouldn’t this be in a bag…

We got a server error on bacon hot sauce. I’m thinking it’s a potential yes.

Notta Wantta! Phooey! 8-(

What. No comments of any substance? Everyone is just being Kardashian? I’d like to know some informed person’s opinion about this receiver.

After seeing this, all I can think of is “IS THAT A JELLY DONUT, PYLE?”

I noticed that too… seems odd…

I would buy it just because it has knobs. For several years receivers mainly had buttons. It’s easier to twist a knob to “7” than to press “UP” 7 times. And knobs remember their position where buttons tend to lose their memory with a power surge or outage. Yeah, knobs are good.

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