Pyle 5.1Ch 350W Receiver

4 ohms? That’s what live sound engineers use. Oh excuse me it’s sometimes 2 ohms. i don;t get the big deal. Buy some good speakers (B&W) and use them at any ohms.

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Alright. Dinner (breakfast) is done. Settled in. What did I miss today?

all the knobs i have on electronics now will not hold their memory in a power failure. They use magnets to tell the system you are turning the knob “up” or “down”. It’s how you get knobs that can turn and turn and turn with no end. Once they lose power though, they just reset to default

It’s 2012. Does this happen to you often? I can see not knowing the day of the month sometimes but the year? Something ain’t right.

The last woot off with a good amount of craps in a bag was May, they need to go back to the old servers when it didn’t crash and the craps flew off the shelves easily. Yet the people in charge clearly either don’t care that the bags don’t work anymore or just don’t want to fix it.

Damn you for this! Earworm hell…

I thought that this would make that thrid woot off with out a bag o crap not the second???

You’re new around these parts. We’ve never had had servers that didn’t crash. It’s part of our heritage.

7?? What’s a 7? Mine start at 8 and go up from there.

clearly…sounds like you’ve got it all figured out…

You missed all the cat pics!

Reasonably high I think…seeing as they had bags Mon-Thurs of last week (if you knew where to look… :slight_smile: ).


on topic, i need a reciever as the heart of a surround sound system.

the two rear speakers would be wireless, the two front would be wired. I’ve bought no speakers yet

Is this a good receiver for me?

is it easy to set up? what are ohms and can anyone tell me in small words why they matter 4 vs 8?

I thought the Pyle was on Pot. I think these are true “pots”. They have a beginning and an end. Even my Marantz that has auto seeking still works as a pot and BTW if you lose power - uh DUH?


Does it go to 11?


That’s actually quite normal. speakers should be equal or higher ohm. I can’t imagine anyone would push a system higher than 250w total with this system.