Pyle 5.1Ch 350W Receiver

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Pyle 5.1Ch 350W Receiver
$89.99 + $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $14 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Will this power my bilge pump?

what is a ‘VFD display’?

This was $90 back in June

Anybody want to guess what this is a Pyle of?

Vacuum Florescent Display


LOL! Well played, sir!

Worth about what they are asking… not much more.

Yea, never seen that reference before… ever…

Anyway, for the price, you would be much better off watching craigslist for a used receiver of a brand that doesn’t make total carp.

Looks like Woot has a whole Pyle of these to sell.

It’s a Vacuum Fluorescent Display display, apparently. You know, one of those bluish display displays.

All this time I never knew they had a name.

Now that things have settled down in the Treasure Hunt directions, I need entertainment.

Whoaaaaa! invented in 1967… cutting edge! this the kind of high class tech they used in my 2011 Jeep Liberty! I’d be willing to drop a pyle for this…

Wait, so this one has a button cell hiding in it as well? Yeesh…

What’s next? The lithium battery disclaimer on a set of Whiskey Stones?

I really didn’t get the whole TREASURE! thing so I just ignored it…

No but you get a warranty… on rocks. Seriously, rocks with a warranty!

Wait, so this one had a piece of the map? Where? I was looking, didn’t see anything…