Pyle 5.25" Outdoor Waterproof Speakers (Pair)

i got these. they are not rustproof as stated. they do sound good and have survived a few thunderstorms. they are only 4 ohms. i hooked them up to an amp that can do 6 ohms it is still working with these speakers, but it runs hot!

totally not rustproof…had 2 pair rust within a month…i live near the ocean…also one speaker wrong size thread for one of the knobs to the brackets…sound is good for outdoors.

Can these be hooked up to O computer? If they can what kind of Connection would I have to have/ use? I have q Dell xps 27 Aio Computer and don’t think I have anything to plug in speakers besides Usb or the headphone Jack. Can someone look up my Computer to see what I have so U will know if U Can hood up extern speakers. Thank you .

No, these would not be used for computer speakers. They use regular speaker wire & connections like you would see on a home stereo system.