Pyle 5.25" Outdoor Waterproof Speakers (Pair)

Good Reviews at Overstock

Looks like $50 just about everywhere. Not expecting much but I’ll give them a shot.

Are the dimensions listed on the specs page the size per speaker or the two, combined? I’m wondering if a friend could fit both into a flat-rate USPS box and send to me, since once again “Shipping for this item is not available” to where I live.

Can these speakers be connected to my iPhone to listen to my music?

The speakers are unamplified meaning you need something to power them. You need the traditional old school stereo system to run them. So yes you can use your phone to listen to music through these speakers but you will also need some other equipment to make it happen. These speakers alone won’t do anything.

I wonder same thing
I’m guessing since rest of specs are for one
the watts n ohms. etc. are for one

I’m thinking it won’t fit in a large flat rate box, but if you un pack them and then re-pack 'em they might. just remember to point the cones at each other when you do.

Pyle, they make such fabulous boat anchors.

I have been using these for four years outdoors in Wisconsin. I have not brought them in in the winter, and they perform great with a Yamaha receiver. Amazing sound and very powerful. They also sell them at Menards.

If the woofer is 5.25 inches across, you can kinda guess at the speaker dimensions.

Or go to the Pyle website and check. The Interweb rarely lets you down.

How does this price compare to Menards price?

I installed these in a a friends classroom (powered by a cheap t-amp).

Not bad for what they are. Not as clean sounding as the old Minimus 7’s I use in my classroom, but not bad.

Reviews at Amazon look good. If they are used for what they are intended for they should be perfect. I plan to add these to my outdoor movie theater

Specs say that they are 4 ohm impedance. That means if you want to use this with many AV receivers which support an output of 8 - 16 ohm impedance, including the Sony and RCA (Pioneer rebrand) I currently own, you would have to put a set of these in series with each other. So to use them with such a receiver you would have to buy 2 of these sets and hook 2 speakers up to each output in series. If your receiver supports 4 ohm speakers then they would work nicely.

I’ve been thinking of doing something like that with car speakers, building a custom box for them and put two speakers in each box wired in series to get 8 ohm speakers to use for garage speakers. Have the car speakers already so just need boxes for them.

Menards sells them for around $50 for a pair.

Wrote to you a few weeks ago about the speakers rusting…you suggested I get in touch with Pyle. I reached them via email, they told me to mail them in. Instead since I live in NY area , I drove the speakers to them. Probably not a great idea since I spent as much in gas because it was a 3 hr round trip due to ny traffic. I only live about 15 miles from there. Anyway, they gave me a replacement pair, which was in a open box, looked like a return…they were closing early for friday night services, they’re hassidic . So I went home and started to install again. The mounting knobs were missing one of them in the bag. Waited a week fo them to send an extra knob…went to install them, and one of the speakers had a different size receptacle for the knobs. so now my speakers are held on to the brackets with a not so easy to remove larger screw, which I had to go to Ace Hardware for. Guess what,3 weeks later the new speakers are rusting, again! Outdoor speakers should not rust after 3 weeks…the quality of these are suspect…how long will they last?? who knows…they sound good,but, what about the word of the dealer…he said they won’t rust…I have holes in my deck if I remove them and rusty speakers if I don’t.??? tell people they are not rustproof,and perhaps water resistant