Pyle 600W 12'' 5-Way PA Speaker Cabinet

After receiving 2 of these speakers on Friday and noticing that the boxes were HEAVILY worn and torn in several areas (including one end completely open and un-taped) I finally got around to opening them up today.

One looks to be in pristine refurb quality. It hardly looks used at all. The other, however, has drilled holes on the bottom, chunks (not chips) of cabinet wood all over the woofer, and the woofer itself looks “not right” (for lack of a better word.)

I haven’t hooked them up yet and I’m kind of afraid of what I’m going to hear from the 2nd speaker.

I took pictures of the pre-opened boxes and the speakers themselves once opened.

So far, color me unimpressed. Yeah, yeah, I know. What was I expecting when I bought some refurbs . . . .