Pyle 720p HD Sport Action Cam

Anyone know what the frame rate is on this camera at 720p?

Eh, I already bit for one. But if anyone knows how deep the water case is rated for that would be great.

My wife said if I order any more cameras she would kick me out. Anybody have a box I can live in?
In for one!

From comments and reviews it looks like this is way too cheap of a knockoff for me. We need a good competitor for GoPro though, their prices are ridiculous

This unit looks remarkably similar, I wonder if they are the same but rebranded, decent reviews:

The official product page is lacking on a number of details. No reviews, videos, or manuals. The MSRP changes by color. It doesn’t specify the framerates of video capture (30fps most likely). At least it mentions that battery life is less than 2 hours per charge.

Not even a manual available at the manufacturer’s website

My guess is that it’s one tenth as good as a GoPro.
I had Pyles once and it’s not something I would ever pay for!

In for one because at $40, because its $40. I doubt it’s better than Lumia 1020 but it’s a lot cheaper. I don’t like to take my 1020 out of its protective pouch on the boat or kayak. Hopefully it has some stabilization and shoots at 30 FPS.

GoPro has 1080p and 4K video recording, Higher frame rate (60fps), wireless app control, sync 50 cameras together, etc. many more features which drives up the price (plus the name brand).

That being said, I’m sure it’s fine for everyday use. For $40, I’m in. Now the kids don’t need to use my GoPro :wink:

I have the GearPro 720P which looks almost identical to this so I am guessing that it has the same internals. Yes, it works fairly well as a dash cam. You can run it in car mode which will save the recordings in 5 minute files.

It appears this could be the crap that comes in a bag, seeing the low quality of the thing.

It sure does, and considering that it is prime eligible it is essentially the same price when you factor in woot’s shipping. Although this PYLE is cheap, not much of a deal unless you NEED one as you can pick one of the Emerson’s up on Amazon for the same money at a later date.

I would be fine with getting one of these in a BoC, haha. Definitely worth $8.

Well, I’m in for one, we’ve been looking for something to mount to the wakeboard tower on our boat. And at $45 shipped, it’s worth a chance.

Poor Photoshopping on the action shots Pyle*. the skydivers in photo have cameras on their head, while the camera does not. Other shots on Amazon have similar consistency issues.

*images simulated :wink:

I’d be in for 3 if it had any kind of image stabilization. To me that’s what separates the likes of GoPro from all the knock-offs.

Even my cheap Sanyo waterproof handheld video camera has image stabilization…

Got this for my son to kick around with. It’s a decent low end unit.
He’s having a lot of fun with it so I’m happy with the purchase.

Will this work in an automatic mode to take stills at timed intervals?