Pyle 720p HD Sport Action Cam

**Item: **Pyle 720p HD Sport Action Cam
Price: $39.99
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Condition: New

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8/27/2013 - $39.99 (Woot Plus)

I bought this one in the last woot-off and I have only one complaint about it. If you are in a low light situation this camera has no performance. In the daylight this camera takes beautiful video and I’d recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to spend the money dollars on the more expensive name-brand action camera.

Got one last Woot Off… Hate to say it would lock up after taking about 4 pictures and video. Had to wait for the battery to drain to get it to respond. Woot Service didn’t have any to replace so they are going to issue a refund so there is really no risk and I think I was the exception rather than the rule, but I think I am going to go ahead and look into a GoPro.

I honestly expected a BoC in the screen of the first picture

Well, at least you’re being honest.

Does it stream live video out the USB connection like the GoPro? I.e., could it use it for RC First Person View?

Just checked and my refund has been credited. Woot Service rocks. This is my first time dealing with this kind of issue and WOW, quick response and resolution!

Anyone know what depth the waterproof case is rated to?

This looks the same as the Emerson ActionCam, and sounds like the same problem. The solution is to only use a Class 4 or 5 card in it. Anything else and it will do what you are describing.

GoPro is the only way to go.

Anyone know how long the battery will last recording video?

Would like something that could record for about an hour straight.

I bought this the last time it came out and I have a quick reaction review on Check it out.

Was using Class 3 I believe…Good to know.

I bought 2 of these at the last Woot! off event.

Sample video can be seen on my YouTube channel:

In DayLight, the camera takes blurry shaky video. In LowLight, the camera takes very dark blurry shaky video.

I have tested the camera with it mounted on my car window, electric scooter handlebar, and also in both day and low light.

The camera is pretty bad!!

I ended up buying the new Sony ActionCam with GPS. Sample videos of that can also be found on my YouTube channel.

My recommendation is to NOT buy this camera. Not worth it.

Dear woot,
I fixed your image for you.


Now you can use this and they’ll never know.
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Purchased during last Woot. Worked great for a walk with the dogs. Put it on the jet ski handlebar and drove maybe a foot before the screen went horizontal lines on me. Same deal as previous comment, it would not respond. Had to wait for the battery to drain to turn it off. Issue persisted. Cost me $15 to send it back to Pyle, who’s email support was average at best. They sent me a new one fairly quick which is still sitting on my desk, likely awaiting a trip to eBay. Lost Memorial Day weekend memories because it was junk.

I have this camera, its a fun buy at $40. Works fine. But the listed retail price is ridiculous… no way they could sell this camera for that price. There is nothing “rugged” about the camera at all, it is a super cheap junk camera, something you would expect to get out of a mega claw arcade machine. Its the housing that it goes in that would be considered rugged. I’ve used it under water so far to about 4’, stayed dry.

So, you mounted the camera to a rigid suspension scooter rode down bad roads/gravel and expected it to take a steady picture? Lets not even mention that you did not record in 720. Then it looked like you had a seizure while lowering the cam in to the water.

Besides, what do you expect for $40?

Dear bsmith1,

What did you fix? I feel like I’m checking out one of those “find the difference” puzzles but I can’t find the difference.