Pyle 720p HD Sport Action Cam

Does this camera have time lapse photos? Can you say take a picture ever few minutes?


Check the viewfinder/screen of the camera in the pic.

All I want is something to take pictures in the water on my next cruise. Can I use the waterproof case without the mounting stuffs?

Aha! I always sucked at those puzzles.

Look at the LCD. He only fixed 50% of the problem though.

Specs look identical to the GearPRO from the last Wootoff. Quality of the GearPro Sucks. Video and audio out of sync, picture quality just bad. Don’t recommend.

Aha again!

In the original photo, compare the skydiver wearing the white helmet in the original photo and the “camera image”. Do the same with the fixed photo. Notice something added??

All my videos were shot at 720p. YouTube displays the video at a low resolution by default. To enjoy the crappy video footage at 720p, you have to change the resolution.

I was able to go 7 shots before it locked up. I get bar of static across the lower half of the screen. First time it happened was using a 4gb class 4 Kingston msd, tried a SanDisk 16gb class 4 and got 30 shots before the same result. Maybe only class 5…

Ah, dang it… I didn’t think that 2nd dude’s head was in frame. Oh well, send me a check and I’ll fix it again, woot.

here’s my video I posted last time. it’s a simple camera good for basic stuff and for the kids. If you want high quality, use a GoPro or the like.


Is this small enough to put on a dog collar?
I’d love to see what that bugger gets into while I’m out!

Anyone know of a way to reset this camera, instead of letting the battery die?

Googled it but nothing and same for the useless manual…

Battery last under an hour.

It lasts about 2 hours on battery while recording video in vehicle mode @720p


This is a low light recording. Camera was mounted on my car window.

you forgot the black helmet in the middle… do another update. LOL

I would never buy any PYLE product.

The 2nd dude has a helmet cam also. Plus it needs to be out of focus. All three of my Pyles are so out of focus you cant read a cars license plate 20 feet away. Got them from woot 2 weeks ago. Note, there is a small hole on the bottom of the unit between the power and memory card. Use a small straight pen without the point to reset the unit when it freezes.