Pyle 720p or 1080p HD Sport Action Cam

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Pyle 720p or 1080p HD Sport Action Cam
Price: $39.99 - 159.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Jun 04 to Monday, Jun 09) + transit
Condition: New


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Time to learn all about Pyle

And here’s the rest of the story.

Well, that is certainly an interesting take. He seems willing to condemn them solely because of the fact that they were bought out and are now under new management, plus the fact that their manufacturing is in China. Well, many fine products are made in China these days, not the least are every Apple product. I own several recent Pyle products, including some speakers. I have found that they perform in a way that is equal to their price, meaning that the costlier ones are higher quality and the more inexpensive ones deliver somewhat less. I would not refuse to buy these items based solely on “the rest of the story”…(which seems to be one person’s opinion in any case)

Most of the same color choices on amazon are only 5 dollars more than the same 1080p version offered here ($80 vs $75 after shipping amazon vs woot). Overall after comparing to gopro brand cameras these seem to be a cheap ripoff. Almost went for it but glad I did the research first…

I made a mistake by purchasing this Pyle of you know what. I received, charged right away, next day powered on, then powered right off. Month goes by with not actually using it. Then, I take it out to charge the night before going hunting. It won’t charge or turn on. The indicator light will not light up saying it’s charging. It’s a Pyle of you know what. Don’t waste your money!!! I wasted mine. Buyer Beware! Roooofff

Unfortunately, I found no research before buying and ultimately being disappointed.

The specs for the PSCHD90 (1080p eXpo) don’t really get into what the resolution/FPS combinations are, so I tracked them down.

  • NTSC 1080i 1920x1080 @60fps
    NTSC 1080p 1920x1080 @30fps
    NTSC 960p 1280x960 @30fps
    NTSC 720p 1280x720 @60fps
    NTSC 720p 1280x720 @30fps
    NTSC 480p 848x480 @60fps

Not as good as I had hoped, but what I expected for the price.

I wooted the 1080HP for use on my motocycle. The unit has a handlebar mount included and this is what I used to mount the camera to the crashbar.

I think the camera records decent pictures with sound that’s not bad considering the camera is right in the windstream.

I would have had to spend 300 or 400 dollars on a GoPro and I didn’t feel like I needed to for this purpose.

I use the car-mode which creates 3 minute files. This allows the camera to keep the latest files after you fill up the media, by pruning the oldest files. If you put in a big enough SD card you won’t have to do this because the battery will run out first.

I tested the waterproof case and it seems well made.

It’s too bad it doesn’t have a tether for safety.
Non-swappaple battery,
No speaker for playback.
Only AVI files which one of my straming media devices doesn’t recognize.

As long as you’re not fooling youself into thinking this is a GoPro, you’re getting good value and functionality.

I purchased one for an early Christmas present and it was passed 30 days when opened and it was bad out of the box. I could not not return to Woot! because it was beyond 30 days and after emails, calls to answering machines, and still no answers from Pyle, I am stuck with a broken camera and out the money. Pyle’s website is a joke that sends you in a continuous loop. There is NO tech support. Still waiting for a return authorization number from the many emails and voicemails I have left with them. I got the message loud and clear. Don’t by from Pyle. There is NO support after the sale.

We bought 2 prior to a trip to Grand Cayman as we wanted to use them snorkeling.

Day 1 one of the 2 worked and the 2nd one would not stay powered on. Day 2 both cases leaked and destroyed the memory cards.

Junk that I wasted I think $80 here on Woot.

If this is the one they sold a couple months ago I had to return the one I bought. My computer couldn’t read the memory card that had been in it and wanted to format it… You could play what was on the card on the camera, but it couldn’t be read and the computer didn’t recognise it when plugged in with the USB cord.

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6 words that said it all and yet still uncomforted and wrong.
China’s role is more of an assembler.

It appears that this camera is invisible to other cameras, as seen in the skydiving photo.

Either that, or Pyle is as bad at hiring Photoshoppers as it is at making electronic devices.

There are some Chinese companies that purchased once-respected brands and make reasonably good stuff. Others just buy a brand to milk whatever consumer goodwill is left by sticking the name on cheap, junky products, and offer no product support & refuse to respond to any warranty inquries. Unfortunately, in my experience, Pyle is the latter. Kudos to Woot for making it right when Pyle wouldn’t even bother to respond to me.