Pyle 720p or 1080p HD Sport Action Cam

**Item: **Pyle 720p or 1080p HD Sport Action Cam
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Check out the 720 in action

Let’s check out some comments from the last sale of the 720 back when it was sold in August

  • what does the Waist Harness look like?

  • whats the Vehicle mode? (overwrite the file when card is full?)

  • is there picture taking intervals or is it one pic per button press?

  • is the mounting compatible with GoPro?

The specs tab is misleading; it says “1920 x 1080 @ 120 fps”. Looking at the manual, it seems 120fps is only in SD mode; FHD mode (1920 x 1080) works at 30fps. It did seem too good to be true…

[MOD: thanks. We removed the frame rate from the specs.]

This looks to be the same as the Emerson Go Action Cam, which is another rebranding of a Panasonic action camera (I forget which). I have the Emerson variety, and it isn’t that great quality, but for the $35 I paid for it, worth the value. Battery lasts about half an hour.

I’m taking a woot of a chance on this 1080P. I am going to give it a shot. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help anyone atm. There are no reviews for this woot deal (1080P) which sucks like like a baby on his thumb.

Here’s a review of the 720p (PSCHD30)…

You get what you pay for. I got a Pyle DVD player on an older Woot and, while it does work, they could not have made it any cheaper without using cardboard for the case.

These items have the look of “premium” quality goods: items made to be given a way at time-share pitches and used as carnival prizes.

Interested in a camera for scuba diving.

Waterproof to what depth?

I bought the 720P flavor and it’s not bad. It’s no comparison to a GoPro but how much did you pay for it again? Yup, 40 dollars.

Huge video quality difference between these two samples! The top video is way under exposed. The second video is pretty good. Both seem to be shot on bright days.

Is this a reflection of the inconsistent quality control of the cameras - or is there something I’m missing?

What’s up with the wifi remote included in the 1080p model - is it only for remote control or does the camera stream?

Does anyone have any experience with these Pyles (I guess they want to do more than speakers?) vs. the Panasonic sold on Woot vs GoPros?

Yah, the prices vary a lot. But where is the value sweet spot? GoPros seem expensive for occasional use.

The various included mounts, if they work, seem like a plus.

The description on amazon just says splash proof. No depth rating at all. May not even work for snorkel depths. Considering most budget point and shoot cameras have 1080 video, and cheap housings, I would not suggest this one.

Are the displays shown in the product shots really this impressive in daylight viewing? Seems like a big stretch.

Thank you! I couldn’t believe that was true just seemed too good :>

Yes this is a Pyle of *** as usual :>

Go get a mobius- they kick ass, will have water proof cases soon… the developer of this product listens closely to it’s customers.

@pcguru000, 'not sure how your reply was responsive to my display quality comment since the camera you linked doesn’t even have a display.

Interesting camera you linked tho - I see it is from the 808 keychain camera guys. Looks like a great camera for DYI’rs and excellent video quality but its level of packaging refinement, lack of a user manual, etc… makes it a better match for a different target market. Also that rough level of refinement makes it overpriced - should be closer to $49 max.