Pyle 720p or 1080p HD Sport Action Cam

It’s waterproof until you go deep enough to make it leak. Errr… :slight_smile:

Anyone notice in their “action shots” that the pictures are all photoshopped? With the exception of the jet fighter guy, they’re all extremely obviously faked. I’d have to say the jet one is too though, who’s gonna go fly a multi million dollar plane and take a $40 camera with them? Especially when they have one mounted in the cockpit already? Dunno if I can trust a company that doesn’t even have images of their item in real use. Just sayin :\

(Yes, I do graphic design so I’m always looking for graphic errors…it’s an annoying habit.)

•Waterproof Rating: IPX8 For Up To 3 Meters

Save your $70 and apply it to a purchase of the least expensive goPro here

Polaroid does have the owners manual online which has been branded for Polaroid but otherwise is identical to the one that came with my cam

@ygbsm, sure the entry level GoPro is better but it sure as heck better be @ 2-1/2 times the price!

This woot might not be the ideal pick but there’s a spot in the market beneath $200 for casual users.

Also not impressive about the GoPro site - who ever heard of not putting dimensions on their technical specs page, this after claiming it is “20% smaller”.

And the app link on the front page is a 404/dead link.

GoPro gets a sloppy rating for their site.

Woots Sold (rank): Top 2% of Tech Woots Top 7% of all Woots

sorry woot, i question your math there… did you really unload a few thousands of them?

Apparently it worked like a charm. But during playback it froze up and crashed. The body of the camera got very hot to the touch. I removed the SD card and put it outside in the BBQ grill in case it caught fire.
$40 for viewing 15 seconds of video; NOT what I would call woot!

I’m very sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your purchase.
I recommend that you contact Woot Member Services at and let them know you’re not a fan of BBQ SD cards.
You’re still under a 1 Year Pyle warranty, so I’m sure they’ll be able to assist you with helping resolve the issue.

Mine stopped working after 2nd use. Don’t buy this camera. My cheap polaroid XS10 is still working.
anybody knows if it’s possible to return an item bought on woot?

Sorry about the problems with the camera.

You have a one year warranty through Pyle. Here’s their support info.