Pyle 720p or 1080p HD Sport Action Cam

**Item: **Pyle 720p or 1080p HD Sport Action Cam
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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10/6/2013 - $39.99-69.99 - 24 comment(s)

Let’s try this again.

Good morning, wooters!

Save your money! These cheap cams aren’t worth crap. Save up for one of the GoPros, and don’t fall for one of the crappy GearPro rip-offs like I did.

Anybody have the 1080p version? Amizon has no reviews, but the 720p looks like it tanked.

Morning TT!

Morning SB! How’s your hump day?

I actually really like my 720p. I’m bummed that they’ve got 1080s now! Maybe in a few months I’ll buy one, these things are handy and cheap enough that putting them in the line of fire isn’t nerve wracking.


I like my 720p and purchased another. The differences in the 1080 are nice, but like you said the cheap price makes these more exciting to use.

I got one last wootoff, and I’m really disappointed. You get maybe 45-50 minutes of recording time, and it takes three hours to recharge. Worse still, you can not plug it in and have it mounted at the same time.

“Isolate the exact frame where you rendered yourself infertile.”


On the 1080p model, it claims Wi-Fi remote? The manual clearly shows that it is infrared. Anyone know for sure?

Soooo… its pretty much like my GoPro then? LOL.

Hmm. I get 4-5 hours with my GoPro.

I sprung for the 720. I kayak a lot so thought it might be fun to mount 2 cameras.

2 Use of remote control:
Using the remote control will help you realize video recording, photo snapping and shutting down
functions without operating the camera itself.While using the remote control, place its signal
transmitter port toward the infrared signal receiver light of the camera. Then you can record videos,
take photos or shut down the camera by pressing the corresponding buttons.

Actually, that’s pretty !#%$ funny…