Pyle 720p or 1080p HD Sport Action Cam

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Pyle Action Camcorders
Price: $39.99 - 69.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Monday, Dec 23 to Wednesday, Dec 25)
Condition: New


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Anyone know if it has loop recording for dash cam use? As in, it creates 2 minute segments constantly, and when the card is full, it just overwrites the oldest segments?

I’ve already tried the eBay-dashcam-from-China route, twice. They work for about a 6 months.

Check out the 720 in action

Check out the PSCHD60

Yes it has a car mode. I bought the 1080 version last time it was offered on Woot. I use it when I ski. Does a decent job for the price.

I bought one during the last sale.
Yes it does loop, and overwrites the oldest recording.

But, it cannot record while charging. I dropped $40 on the last sale just to find that out.

does anyone know how wide the lens is? If I am going to use it to video myself walking down the street, hanging out on my sofa, walking up stair or crossing the street, I don’t want to be holding a 10 ft broomstick just so that I can get my whole body in the frame. No friend of mine will want to see my legs cropped off when I am chilling in mcdee.

Can you tell me how long a charge lasts in the real world?

Does anyone know if the mounts are compatible with GoPro mounts?

How long can it continuously record for or until the memory runs out (32gb max)?
My son could use this for snowboarding but he also likes to record Xbox game play and upload to youTube, would this work for that? Trying to avoid buying another recorder just for that.

Has anyone found the waterproof specs. Waterproof to what depth?

The camera is good and simple to use. The mounting hardware has much to be desired. It is plastic (which in itself is not bad) but poorly made and broke upon first bike use. Still a great deal though.

I wonder how waterproof is “waterproof” Can it fall in the water?

You probably did but I figure I’ll ask anyway, did you use the car charger? I bought the GearPro from Woot, not the Pyle, and for reasons that I haven’t investigated yet it WILL record while charging from the cigarette lighter charger but WON’T record while charging from the USB charger.

This makes absolutely no sense to me, but it is absolutely consistent in all of my testing. I’ve used the GearPro (again, not this Pyle model) in car mode while on the cigarette lighter charger for many drives but every time I plug it into the USB charger it refuses to power on and merely charges. That’s with it in car mode in all test. There’s something specifically different about the car charger.

I’m a little perplexed why your friends would want to see you doing any of those things. That’s like a home movie from hell.

No, not natively.

I had the Vivitar version of this camera as a back-up to my GoPro and yes, the case is waterproof and can be dropped in water. It was tested to at least 10ft, but I never found an actual ATM specs. The Hyundai version: says that it is to 3 meters. I wouldn’t recommend it anyway though.

This camera is showing up everywhere under every possible brand (Vivitar, Hyundai, Lenco, Multilaser, Polaroid, Emerson, and more). I bought 4 of the Vivitar versions of this camera from Kohls as back-ups and secondary angles to my GoPro and since have returned them all. The quality is not the worst but nor good at all. I’d allow it for a 5 year old to play with.

Unfortunately, the reliability of these things is what is the breaking point. I used the hard reset button on the bottom far too often and whether or not the video I just took was actually saved to the memory card was a luck of the draw.

I would not, I repeat, WOULD NOT recommend this for anything other than to tinker with.

Hope this helps,

I’ve tried it in vehicle mode (which is the only mode that allows you to invert the image being recorded so you can use the camera mounted upside-down and still get a right-side-up video) and it does break the video up into 5-minute length files. I don’t know if it starts erasing the oldest files when the card fills up because I haven’t recorded long enough to see.