Pyle Action Cams

How waterproof are they? What depth are the cases rated for?

Per the specs:

Includes Waterproof/Shockproof Case (up to 9 feet)

the regular action cam in only 9 feet.

The expo waterproof case is for up to 190 feet underwater.

I don’t know how reliable this review is…but it says up to 3 meters. I am thinking that this would be a decent action cam for supporting shots if you already have a gopro.

Here is the link:

That’s not even worth it! Who only goes 9 feet down? I could get better water protection doubling up 2 ziploc bags

How long does the battery last? I’d like to know it will last for a full ride.

Says waterproof, not a dive cam. Meant to be weatherproof or maybe even used in a swimming pool; good for most people. Something you can dive with is an entirely different beast.