Pyle Action Cams

regarding the PSCHD60BK- does anyone know if this will record while charging?

Found manual online, but doesn’t indicate this ability.

I found the same camera on Amazon. One of the reviews there indicates that it has a car mode.

If that is the same as my other different model Pyle sports cam. When in car mode, it automatically starts recording when it senses power over the USB cable and the screen shuts off after a minute or so.

I like my other Pyle one, I use it as a dash cam. The picture is great. The only thing I don’t like is that I cannot turn off the microphone. I’d rather it just record video without audio.

How many FPS?

Does anyone have hands on experience with these? The price is beyond right but i do not want a $50 paper weight.

Shame on Pyle for photoshopping stock images for their “action” shots.


(there are higher-resolution versions available for purchase, which is likely what they did – bought the stock image and photoshopped their camera into it)

It’s not even a good job, the “screen image” is at the wrong angle, and the camera is missing from the guy’s white helmet in the screen image.

Not only that, but this is terrible photoshop work. Why can’t they just show real pics shot with their cams? Probably because there are few to be found or, and most likely, these cameras just aren’t that good.

My favorite is this one, with the cam showing a completely different road!

Don’t know if they are going to sell these again, but let me tell you…the one I bought is a $50 paperweight. Just came back from a weekend of kayaking, etc. and not a single photo. The minute I turn off the camera it lost all the photos on the card! I’m bitterly disappointed in this item!