Pyle Audio Assistance Hearing Amplifier

As a parent with hearing impaired kids, I can’t stress enough how bad of an idea this product is. If you think you need this device you should get properly tested and if needed, fitted with a properly programmed hearing aid.

That’s nice for you, but let’s not forbid full grown, sentient humans from determining for themselves whether these are useful or not. Especially those of us who can’t afford a thousand dollars for a little help in hearing. Besides, one of the most useful ways to employ these is to put them in your ears in a loud environment, and turn them up just enough to hear the outside world at a REDUCED volume. Passive ear plugs mostly mute higher frequencies, so they make conversations impossible. These pass through full bandwidth at whatever volume you chose.

Thanks for the comment that this product would be useful in a loud environment, which is where I have the most trouble. I also appreciate the difference between using them for children. I’m well beyond that (mid-70’s) and Medicare does not cover hearing.

I am a senior with a slight hearing problem. Has anybody who truly needs a slight assistance in hearing tried this product. I need a serious response, I would like to purchase but concerned it isn’t worth it. Any return policy?
Dennis M

We have a 21-day return policy for defects only.

There is a one-year warranty with Pyle though.

I’m just mearly letting people know that if you don’t know the type of hearing loss or what frequencies you’re not hearing well, amplifying all frequencies can cause more damage.

I think there is a reason, perhaps a law regarding medical devices, why these cannot be called “hearing aids.”

I have used these and, while they do let me hear the TV and music without having them on full blast as i have to without them, I stopped using them after just a few days. Why? Because they amplify EVERYTHING. You will hear yourself chewing your food REALLY loud and when you swallow, you will hear that too Sneezing? Coughing? Yup! Super loud! I threw them out after about three days.

Sounds like they work just fine. Almost like normal hearing.
If you guys want to just hear the tv louder you can probably just get some wirless headphones or something.

I received this 2 days ago. The charger lights do not work properly. The instructions were written by a three year old. The item does not appear to have a lithium batterie as stated. Am considering sending them back at this point in time. A lousy product and Woot should be ashamed to sell this.

I purchased this for my mom who is hard of hearing. The ad says it comes with 6 ear tips but we only received three. There were spaces to hold 6 but it only contained 3. Did anyone else get 6?

In the Box:
(1) Pyle PHLHA36 Audio Assistance In-Ear Hearing Amplifier
Charging Dock & Power Adapter
6 Different Sized Ear Tips

I’m going though the product page on Pyle and they say both 6 and 3 tips. Look at the photos and manual, I think 3 is correct.

I’ve emailed the team for more info.

In the meantime, please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

Woot must have the specs wrong about 6 different sizes, because Amazon and the Pyle Website say the following.
Convenient Hearing Amplifier
Compact In-Ear Design
Adjustable Volume Control
Built-in Rechargeable Battery
Noise-Cancelling & Voice Clarifying Technology
Microphone Effectively Reduces Background Noise
Tested to Provide a More Comfortable Listening Experience
ASC (Automatic Signal Control) Regulates & Balances Sound
Universal Size Fits All Ear Shapes & Sizes
Switchable Ear (Left / Right) Compatibility
Comes with (3) Different Sized Ear Plugs / Tips
Includes Charging Dock & Power Adapter
Power ON / OFF Switch

I work for Pyle and I would love to help you get a working unit, you cane email me directly at, also I assure you my technician just checked and the unit does come with a 1.6MA lithium rechargeable battery built into the earpiece.