Pyle Audio Musical Instruments

Does anyone know what mini amp is pictured?

on the banjo, is there no bridge?

No love for the left handed Wooters yet again? Sigh…

It does come with a bridge, but you have to install it. It’s not difficult to install.

The PGEKT30 has impressive reviews on Amazon. There was a bad review about the gig bag and tuner being low quality, and a one star review that was clearly written by a “idiot.” I think i’m going to pick one up.

The PED07 drum kit looks suspiciously similar to the Alesis/Ion IED01 drum kit. It’s a vaguely-serviceable kit for learning how to bang in rhythm, but I found it wasn’t particularly durable (especially the adjustment knobs, which had a tendency to shatter and cut my skin while I was tightening them) and the mounting clamps didn’t do a very good job of clamping. Plus, the trigger pads would barely register a light hit, and would double-register harder hits, and its MIDI implementation left a lot to be desired.

If it isn’t obvious, I wouldn’t recommend it. If you want something for learning how to drum, get something like a Yamaha DD-series drum pad thing, and if you want a low-end electronic drum kit for recording purposes, expect to pay a few hundred more and get something like a Yamaha DTX or even the ultra-compact Roland v.drums (which run around $800).

Regarding the Drums (PED02M)How big is the box/how much does it weigh> I live in Saudi Arabia and want to ship it there or carry as luggage after vacation this summer. Doable?

“You get what you pay for”, is commonly accepted as a true statement. Well, with musical instruments, it goes triple! With that in mind think, you are certainly not paying much for these instruments. It would be argued these are “bargain basement” prices.

According to **this site**, the pro bass guitar package list price is $229 (not $531.99).

So the Bass is the first to sell out? So was there that few or are there a lot of people out there that aren’t getting into music to sway the females?

Steve Martin would be proud.

I bought that banjo last time around. It’s a terrible, terrible instrument. And I’m not just being picky about it. It’s garbage. Any (ANY!) pressure on the neck causes it to go wildly out of tune. A couple of pounds of pressure on the neck, and it sounds like a whammy bar.

Not being picky?? that may be your problem!

(ooh ho ho ho, you see what I did there?)

I second your emotion.

I purchased the drum kit for my son for the holidays (Yes, Christmas but I’m being multi-cultural so get over it) and was pretty underwhelmed with the overall quality. As stated above, the knobs are crap. Additionally, the wires that connect the pads to the controls are flimsy.

Keeping everything tightened up and not flopping over is a constant battle.

Spend some more money and you’ll be purchasing a whole lot fewer headaches.

Did anyone else get a broken guitar beside me? :frowning:

Ehhhhhh I’m sorry to hear that you received your order like that.

I would recommend that you email into Woot Member Services at and let them know.
They’ll be able to help sort it out.

my bass hasn’t shipped yet. Anyone else waiting for shipment? I placed my order on 6/1

I’m a-waitin’ for mine, too.

I haven’t received mine yet either… and It doesn’t even say it shipped… this is freaking ridiculous… I’ve bought from Woot a lot, and this is the WORST customer service yet!