Pyle Audio

Yes Pyle Record Players come with the 45 adaptor

The Pyle heart rate monitors are only about a year in production. However we have been getting plenty of great reviews from customers on various sites but if you search by model number on google it should bring you to them.

OK, I did not realize Pyle was still around.

Makes one wonder whether this is yet another one of those ****“we’ll get name recognition real quick by resurrecting an old brand and slapping it on our crap” situations.

The broad (not just a specific niche) product line is a hint at the above.

Kinda like Philco, RCA, Magnavox, Westinghouse, etc… (Yah, I know, some of the above stuff can be OK like Magnavox DVRs - really good) but you get the point - these brands have no connection to their past other than their spelling.

Could be off base, but…

Pyle offers a 2 year parts and labor warranty on all its mobile electronics. If you have a hard time getting through by phone we also offer email support at or email us direct at

Your correct Pyle Audio started out in Huntington Indiana as a family run operation in the mid-70’s. Sound Around Inc. Has aquired Pyle since 1998 and has been producing quality affordable product mainly in Car audio and DJ Pro audio electronics. We are not the orignial Pyle but we strive to continue their legacy.

Pyle Audio does not charge for owners manuals, most are posted on If you search by model number it will take you to the individual item page, under the item chart you will see a section where it says manuals & downloads. Click on that link for the free download. If for some reason its not posted on the site if you send SASE to Pyle Audio 1600 63rd Street Brooklyn, NY 11204 we will mail it out to you free of charge.

what’s funny is… i actually believed that the manual would be on the website… sure enough… “No Manual And Download Available” less than 100.00 for a touchscreen in dash player for my volks sounded too good to be true, I’ll pass on pyle, thanks though, woot.

I stand corrected. I went to the website, searched for “PLD40MU”, clicked on the item, clicked on Manuals and Downloads, noticed the “Buy Online” link and ran from the page. Instead, it is just a poorly placed link to purchase the whole product. My mistake. That being said, I will probably not get the manual in time to find out if it would work with my steering wheel controls before the end of the sale, if i used the self addressed envelope.

edit: its nice that this feature is availible though.

I’d personally avoid buying Pyle brand anything at this point. I made the mistake of getting their Waterproof 4GB Recorder when it was here last month.
There wasn’t a whole lot to it other than it never recorded anything even remotely close to video. More like a stuttering slide show. 8 - 10 frames per second at BEST. There’s a time/date stamp on the video that can’t be removed or even corrected to the right time/date. And when I tried contacting Pyle for customer service, at their email address someone listed above, I never heard back from them.
I finally gave up and just contacted Woot to return this shoddy camera.
Hopefully I’ll be getting a refund soon.

The problems with Pyle are that the product manuals are not very thorough, and written in Engrish. They also din’t reply to email at all. Consider support to be nonexistent.

Oh, and the waterproof video camera, which I purchased last time it came up, while it actually seems to work reasonably well, you can’t change or disable the date/time stamp, which is forever stuck in 1983. It’s a shame that there doesn’t seem to be anything you can do about that, and that Pyle support is so useless, because otherwise, I don’t think it would be that bad of a device.

some of there stuff is decent.
but i totally agree with you on lots of it.
If the price is right it’s worth it.

No, it’s not ever worth it. None of their stuff is decent. Horrible stuff, I just don’t understand why people want to try to convince themselves that somehow it will be different for THEM… this stuff is junk.

If you could provide a download link for the PLD40MU manual before the end of its sale here on woot I’d perhaps consider the unit. It would be a nice choice as a replacement in my jeep as i can use the screen as a backup/trailer camera without all the other extra hassles I currently have.

Bought a Pyle car stereo about 5 years ago. I was rather disappointed with the quality. The AM radio, however, could hold its own with the best of 'em.

I’ve got an iPad dock from Pyle. Works fine, but I get an error message when I use it saying that the device is not supported by iPad.

Hi there. Did you purchase from us? I don’t see where we have that in our sale.

FWIW, I see these have a 1 year warranty from Pyle. It’s likely that yours does too. You might check and contact them for assistance.