Pyle Backup Camera w/ 7" Monitor

hi, please how many items you have in stock?

We don’t give out that information.

I’d bet it’s safe to presume it’s a ‘limited quantity’ ~which I sarcastically say because I’m always amused when places say that ~. I mean, duh… everything is “limited” sooner or later :sunglasses:
But I does seem like a dang good deal. I swear Pyle makes EVERYTHING don’t they ?

Nice unit for the price. Instructions are a bit vague, but for those with a little automotive electrical know how, installation is relatively easy. Only down side so far is the fixed mount that comes with the kit. This mount has limited adjustments and does not swivel. Very hard to get that perfect viewing angle when mounting on or under the dash or on a console. Aside from that, works like it is supposed to!