Pyle Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor with App

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Pyle Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor with App
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Boy! This is pretty sporty! Thanks Sport Woot!

If you show signs of hypertension as I do, this device may allow you to live a much longer life. I take a reading once or twice a week and show the results to my doctor every time I see him. He may instruct you to omit certain food/drink from your diet or reduce consumption of same. Or he may prescribe medication to control your blood pressure, as lack of control will contribute to very serious medical problems such as heart problems for openers. He may also urge you to exercise a bit. The price tag of this item is money well spent for you and your family.

How big is the cuff? Does it work on your wrists?

You can get the same product for the same deal here:

So where is the Woot deal?

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Great, Pyle is getting into healthcare equipment. Imagine getting a colonoscopy with Pyle made equipment. “Whoops, looks like the probe broke off in there.”

No, these are for your bicep/upper arm as seen in one of the photos. The cuff should fit most people.

Yeah, a strange thing for them to get into. They got into it late last year with a BT-enabled scale.

cuz it is the same woot deal! duh

The standard cuff usually fits an arm with a biceps cuff circumference up to 34 cm. If yours is bigger around you would need a large cuff which may or may not be available separately.

This consumers reports page should help the serious buyers. You have to subscribe to read it though. Boo

Can you just tell me what it says?

CVS Premium BP3MV1-3WCVS Item# 800230 is the highest rated Consumer Reports device.

Pyle is not rated by CS.

The Android application seems to be consistent with the quality of other Pyle products.

I can’t, but a few years back I recall that the wrist type models were very unreliable. This is NOT that type. Hard to find info on this model…

This page from them on 9/6/2011 says they have improved and some models are just as good.

I have an Omron wrist cuff, and I’ve taken it to my doctor to compare it against what he gets. It’s pretty close.

Google Play page for the software: