Pyle Bluetooth Fitness

FYI - unless that is a super special Heart Rate Monitor or shirt, you can’t wear your HRM over your shirt. Just won’t work. It needs to be against your skin. Usually, you need to at least wet the electrodes on the HRM (or use a special gel).

Maybe this is just to show where one would place the band? The guy charges like 4k an hour to take his shirt off.

I wonder if this thing would work with Runkeeper?

It will, probably! Here’s the full info from their site, but it seems like the gist is that it will as long as the heart rate monitor works with your phone:

iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S should work with any ANT+ compatible Heart Rate Monitor if you are using a Wahoo ANT+ attachment. These would include any Garmin ANT+ HRM, any Wahoo ANT+ HRM, any Timex ANT+ HRM.

iPhone 4s and 5 should work with any Heart Rate Monitors that follow the BTLE standard. Notable HRMs in this camp include: Polar H7, Wahoo Blue HR, Alpha Mio and Zyphyr.

Manually input your data manually from any other heart rate monitor by entering the stats from the heart rate monitor into the RunKeeper app or in Activity Details on the web dashboard at

Our Android Devices support Polar Heart Rate Monitors (Wearlink+ is suggested), so as long as their device supports your phone, we’ll support their device! Note: We will be supporting BLE HRM’s for Android in our next RunKeeper update (version 4.6). If your HRM follows the standard for BLE, it should be supported!

If you’re having trouble with any of the Heart Rate Monitors listed above, please let us know by submitting a support ticket or sending an email to!

I went onto Amazon to see what the reviews for the product are like (with this being Pyle and all). Turns out that Amazon is selling these HRMs for $39.99 + free shipping. Definitely a better deal there.

BTW, the top reviewer of this product on Amazon said that this HRM is compatible with the following apps:

RunKeeper, WahooFitness, MapMyRun, MapMyRun+, EndoMondo, Endomondo Pro, Runtastic, Runmeter, Jog Log, LogYourRun

One more thing, apparently the HRM itself is really good. The people that bought the watch+HRM did say they liked the HRM. Also, the stand alone HRM without the watch has a 5 star rating on Amazon (2 reviews). Works for both Android & iPhone. Price for the stand along HRM on Amazon is the same here.

I bike, does anyone know if this will work with Strava?

Does it work with the now extinct Motorola Motoactv watch?

i think with shipping i spent about 35$ for this on woot a month or so ago. my opinion thus far


  • Cheapest HRM solutions I’ve found. - No Pesky watch to setup
  • Thus far, has worked perfectly fine, with some minor glitches, that might not be Hardware related (see cons)
    -works with most running apps(details after)


  • Since there’s no watch, you have to look at your phone for stats, which is a pain if you have it in an armband.
  • Can be a pain to connect with certain apps (i’m using MapMyFitness(MapMyRun etc)…more details below
  • Haven’t checked other apps, but occasionally it’s got my resting heart rate really high. When i re-pair it, it drops back to a normal level. Now i’m not sure if this is MapMyFitness with the error, or if it’s just getting a bad read out before a run. Or maybe i’m having a minor heart attack and just brushing it off :stuck_out_tongue:
  • The monitor sometimes pops off easily when your bending.

The cons are fairly minor considering i paid less than 50$ for this thing. For me, the not being able to look at my phone while running to see stats isn’t a problem… MapMyFitness has a read out option that is customizable from info, to intervals. In my setup, every minute i get my pace, total distance, and heart rate.

My Experience with apps so far have been the recommended one on the package, which isn’t as robust as other apps. RunKeeper (or was it Runtastic?) and MapMyFitness. It was Either RunKeeper or Runtastic that required you to have their premium in order to pair a heart rate monitor. MapMyFitness allows the functionality for free.

My experience with MapMyFitness has been postive when it’s working. The last update, Tried to simplify HRM connections, which now can make it a bit of a pain to connect. It seems once you first pair it, the next time you go to use it, there’s a 50/50 chance that it will not connect. I may have found the solution, but I’m waiting for it to happen again to verify. What worked, whether it was coincidence or not, was pressing “Forget Paired Devices”… this Immediately popped up the HRM on the device list. We’ll see if that works in the future.

Hope this helps

Thanks for listing out all the apps that are compatible with.