Pyle Bluetooth Health & Fitness Scale

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Pyle Bluetooth Health & Fitness Scale
Price: $37.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Jun 18 to Monday, Jun 23) + transit
Condition: New


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Got this one a few woots ago. Would not even turn on. Sending it to pyle for warranty woul dhave cost as much as the unit itself.

Check out these comments from when this was offered in January

I got one on a previous Woot and I like it. I haven’t had any mechanical issues but I will say I didn’t think it was the most intuitive to use as it took me a few days to figure out the steps I need to take to get it to record to the app (open the app and turn on bluetooth, tap the scale to wake it, wait until it zeros out then step fully on it).

The main reason I bought it was to keep a history of my weight and it does this very well. I bought it knowing full well that the fat/bone/water/muscle readings were not going to be very accurate for $35. The app seems to work okay. It has a lot of features that I have no idea what it works with (for example, it has a blood pressure reading), but the weight part works.

I use it every day and it’s still working okay for me. If you want a way to track your weight, this does the job.

Bounce over to the Google Play Store (app store). The reviews on the supporting app for this scale are not so good.

I know that the app’s interface changed since the last offering of this scale. The prior interface was very intuitive, and easy to figure out. Now, they decided to do a step backwards and make you dig through a couple of taps to get to weight history.

This broke on me within 1 week. Pyle would replace it, but it was a 15 dollar shipping fee to ship the new one, plus I had to pay to ship the old one back. About 25 bucks in total for the whole warranty return

It is still collecting dust in my closet.

I think the name “pile of ___” would be more appropriate.

Can you enter the blood pressure readings manually, or does it require another Bluetooth device to acquire those readings?

There is no way this can read blood pressure through your feet. It’s impossible.

I purchased one on Woot and love it. Zero problems. i just purchased the blood pressure monitor from Woot last week and cant wait to receive it.

Its a piece of crap!!! I got one on woot last time it was offered and it has never works right. Customer service is a joke: save your money!!!

Did all of you people with issues on this contact woot? I would start with them and not pyle.

I see it works with a Nexus 7, does that also mean it will work with a Nexus 5?

Would hate to buy it and find out my phone doesn’t support the app.

You should be able to go find the app on the Play store and see if it shows as compatible with your model.

Has anybody tried using it with any other apps besides the default one? Specifically MyFitnessPal, garmin connect, runkeeper, or runtastic?

It wouldn’t be very useful if it didn’t integrate with the other fitness data I already keep.

I tried a couple of these electronic scales for my wife. She is getting on in years and has very poor balance and she can barely walk.
By the time she gets on the scale and gets her balance etc., the scale has timed out and we can’t get a reading.
It’s hard to believe the designers could be so incompetent that they did not anticipate this problem.


Does anyone know if this scale is compatible with the Samsung S Health app?

Some of the scales shown in the app show a BT connection.


Will this work with a mac? =P