Pyle Bluetooth Health & Fitness Scale for Apple & Android

anyone have anything to comment? based on the reviews I have found it seems like it is all or nothing

I’d previously asked if the Samsung S Health app (Note 3, S5, and maybe S4 (?) ) works with this scale. There was no reply.

I’d be happy to scoop one up if it does.

Have a good one.

any idea up how precise it is? as in, could it be used as a baby scale, by the ounce? or just by the half pound?

Based on Amazon Reviews it would appear it only works with its own app.

Just what I needed , a scale that broadcasts my weight! Now if they can only invent a bottle that tells my wife how much I’m drinking and a desk chair that tells my boss what I really think of him, I’ll be all set!

Thanks for the help!

Bummer though.

More concerning: A number of Amazon reviews call the accuracy into question? Anyone have any personal experience with it?

Woot delivered mine a few days ago. The app works fine. It was easy to connect and use. As far as accuracy … it was way off. Weight was within 2 lbs of my current scale, but body fat was double. 8% on one and 16% on this. I knew BF scales weren’t accurate, but I expected similar results at least.

Couldn’t you have found a better foot model?

The instruction manual is bare minimum. There is no information on how to use the app that you download If packing it up and sending it back were an option, I would.

These all sold out in one night? something is fishy. plenty of colors to choose from there is no logical way that they all ran out at the same time. Unless woot was tricking us into thinking there was separate stock on each… lame

Nope. The sale was scheduled to end this morning at 9am. Our plus events have set end dates.