Pyle Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Bought one of these and was not real impressed. Got it to play out on the deck but not much volume. I picked up a blue tooth speaker at the dollar store that has more volume and better sound for 10 bucks.

Who makes that $10 speaker? I’d like to pick one up.

Bought one of these 4 months ago for when I ride my trike peddle bike. Threw it in the basket and “Whala”! This thing rocks and is great quality!!! Forget these negative comments, this is $30 with shipping. People kill me wanting something for nothing if your a huge “Audio Phile” spend $300+ plus dollars at bose or bang and olfson. “Didn’t think so”. GREAT SOUND,a GREAT VALUE, Holds a charge much longer than I had expected it would! You won’t be disappointed if your expectations are realistic for a $30 bluetooth speaker. I will buy few more now for christmas gifts also.