Pyle Bluetooth Soundbars & Headphones

I’ve bought a couple pairs of these. They aren’t worth it. Sorry.

I also bought a couple of the Pyle Pro PSBV200BT 300W Bluetooth Soundbar w/USB/SD/FM & Wireless, and they are definitely worth it for $89

Just threw a party with one of them the other night… rocked the trailer.

Pretty burned by Pyle. I bought that waterproof bluetooth speaker. Gives my phone a range of about 1.5 feet. I can seriously sit in a rocking chair with the speaker in front of me and it’ll cut out when I rock back.

Given the performance of the one and only Pyle product I’ve purchased, I’ll pass. It’s a Pyle alright…a pyle of a non-bag.

I also have the “Pyle Pro PSBV200BT 300W Bluetooth Soundbar w/USB/SD/FM & Wireless” and I really like it. Good sound quality from any input, and it can get nice and loud without distorting. I put an NFC tag on the remote to make it easy to switch bluetooth sources. Only bad thing about it is the ridiculously bright blue backlight on the display which makes using it in the dark a nuisance (I have it under my TV to replace its awful built-in set) and makes the display hard to read in all but optimal conditions.

I also have the “Pyle PHBT6 Sound 6 Bluetooth 2-in-1 Stereo Headphones with Built-in Mic for Call Answering and Easy-Touch Digital Controls” and they too have very good sound quality.(APT-X) Forget using it for phone calls, the microphone is abysmal. The touch controls on the right side work great, are invisible and only require you to touch anywhere near where your ear would be and then drag up or down for volume, or forward or back for skipping tracks.(AVRCP)
On my large-ish head, the pads squeeze my ears a bit too much so I can’t use them for more than an hour or two, but out of the countless headphones I’ve owned, these are still my favorite.

The PHBT3E headphones are $3 cheaper and free shipping with Prime at Amazon.

They’re also a completely different style, so that’s not really a very good comparison.

I just got my blue PHBT6 and I really like them so far. My only complaint is the fit. I have a big head and I wear glasses, and like most on-ear headphones, they start to hurt after awhile from pushing the arms of my glasses into the sides of my head. They also aren’t quite grippy enough on the underside of the headband, so they slide down toward my forehead after awhile. I also have a really fine hair, and everything falls out of my hair - bobby pins, hair ties, headbands, etc - so YMMV depending on your head and hair type.

They fold up, which is great. The touch controls are very responsive and appear to have a pretty wide touch area, because I haven’t had issues with being unable to get touch controls to work without looking.

Sound quality is very good for what I’d expect from a $30 pair of BT headphones. Full, thumpy bass without muddling mids and highs is the name of the game here. If you want really wide dynamic range you’ll probably find better drivers in a $300 pair of Bose or Sennheiser headphones, but these are very good for the price point. The ear pads are also comfortable, don’t leak sound around the edges, and do a good job of passively blocking ambient sound around you (I have small ears, BTW).

I now want these in all color options so I can accessorize. A+