Pyle Car Audio & Video

I got the Pyle PLSD131BT 13.1" a few months ago. The screen is terrible. Notice how the resolution is never mentioned - it stinks. Also the screen comes up at an angle which made glare a real problem - it adjusts - but you have to adjust it everytime you use it, and even at the extreme corrective angle there was still a lot of glare. Also the big screen obstructed the vents on the car. For all of those reasons I haven’t put the screen on since the new system was a novelty. When the screen is off it is a big awkward lcd that sort of slid under the front seat. They provide a flimsy fabric bag for the screen, but no protection. Without a good place to store it the screen is cracked and useless. The receiver works well though. There are lots of inputs. The bluetooth connects up quickly and even handles the switch between my wife’s phone and mine. If you are looking for a nice reciever these pyle stereos are great. Don’t buy it for the video.

I got the:
Pyle PLTR25UB In-Dash Bluetooth Digital Receiver Headunit
about 2 months ago. It works, bluetooth and all, with the exception of the volume knob. Sometimes the volume will adjust the opposite direction of the way you turn the knob. But it comes with a remote to bypass that. So far a decent value for all the features.

Can anyone say whether the Pyle PLR32MPB comes with a wiring harness? There are complaints on Amazon that this part was missing from many units. It is necessary to install this, and not available separately. It’s not mentioned in the “In the box:” list.

Usually not. These are intended to be installed professionally. And harness parts differ depending on the vehicle.

You can look at Metra for wiring harness guides.

We purchased the monitor headrests and the space between the headrest prongs dont fit in our car. Now these are useless. I wish the specs specified the distance between the seat prongs so I could have known that before :frowning:

Aren’t these prongs adjustable? I thought if you squeezed them together the distant would decrease as needed.