Pyle Covers

Pyle makes covers also? Is there anything that Pyle doesn’t make? Would you buy a car from Pyle? How about a cross over SUV for $8000 new (with a standard Pyle warranty)?

I thought this was strange too. What DON’T they make?

Either way, covers seem ok priced if they are decent.

The title and description for what appears to be a log carrier doesn’t match the picture.

I’m not sure what you mean. I think they just call it a cover in line with the rest of their products- it does mention handles/carrying in the specs, but maybe I’m missing something?

I’m with the other people that didnt know pyle made these as well. pyle.woot?

I always wanted a pyle wood carrier to go along with my pyle DJ turntable and pyle infrared thermometer and pyle waterproof speakers. Collect them all!!!

Is Pyle a company that just scours alibaba for things to rebrand or are they an OEM mfg that are selling direct to the consumers? Seems more like the 1st one unless their electronics factory also happens to be weaving cloth on the side.

Seems to be the same stuff sold on Amazon under the “Classic Accessories” label.

These were on Woot not that long ago (though not branded as Pyle I think) and they had a similarly crappy price comparison to what was available on the Mothership.

Actually about 30 years ago, Pyle was a reputable pro audio dealer - guitar amps, mixing boards and such. Perhaps not top of the line - but it got the job done. Apparently, they must have gone out of business and I would suspect some Chinese factory has bought the name and you are seeing their “stuff” sold under a once reputable name. I did buy their infrared thermometer - it is fine for very rough measurements period. When I point it at my hand it is off by about 10 degrees (too cold). I guess it is telling me that perhaps I am my avatar.

Must find brains…

Yeah. I figured that some Chinese company picked up the Pyle name ala “Packard Bell.”

The Pyle cable tester I just wooted has instructions in incomprehensible ChingLish. It doesn’t even show the model that was in the package AND the description on the package copied text from a cable crimper.