Pyle Dash Cam HD/Camera + Camcorder

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Here is the manufacturers site in the product

Also 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon

I have one in each car and love them

Does any one know how long this records and does it record over after so long?

I searched to see what the video quality looks like during daytime and low/no-light conditions and couldn’t find any. Just worthless instructional videos which tell me nothing.

it would depend on the size of memory card that you put in it. i typically use 16 to 32 gb which is more than enough. You really only need a few hours recording if you’re in an accident. - This video was recorded at night - This video was recorded during the day - This video was recorded a week after installation. You’ll see the dash cam mounted in the vehicle, and just how easy it is to use with auto start with the vehicle start up.

I use a different dashboard camera with a 32 gb card. Use it on trips to record scenary. It takes 3 hours on a 32 at 1080p. I presume it will be similar here too,

What class card does it take?

I really love these cams. I have one in each car, because of the automatic start if the car is bumped when it is parked. Bet I catch the next SOB that hits my car in a parking lot!