Pyle DJ Gear

I purchased the Pyle Pro PDWM2400 Wireless UHF mics not long ago. I run a small karaoke gig as a side job at a local bar and I figured some wireless mics would be a fun and nice change. I’ve used the Mics for about a week now and for the most part I’m not Horribly dissatisfied. The mic’s both work and I have had no issues with the receiver. However, The batteries that came in the package were nearly dead when the package arrived. Also, For some reason I have issues with the mics fading in sound quality occasionally. One of the mics every so often will mute itself without warning for reason. Over-all if you’re not running a proffesional entertainment business or in a band these mics are satisfactory but if you are looking for exceptional, high quality equipment, you may want to keep looking.

my over-all rating for these microphones:

Pyle-Pro PYD2808 19’’ Rack Mount 4 Channel Professional Mixer is junk. Just check amazon for reviews. It’s cheaply made and you can feel it. I had the same problems as one of the Amazon reviewers with it dying within the first 15 mins… took it out of the box to test it out, flipped the switch humm humm humm DEAD!

That’s pyle
Anyone who produces amplifiers and doesnt state what class they are is questionable.

Still waiting for the rest of the missing parts from the Pyle DJ Rack Stand with Mic Holder I bought back on 5 June 2014! All I got back from Woot! was a case number and “We’ll get right on it…”

Sorry for the delay. I’ll add you to my afternoon report so they can look into it.

Follow up to comments on PDJSD3 Pyle DJ Rack Stand with Mic Holder.

Rarely have I had so many problems with a product as I have had with this one! First off, out of the box there were parts missing. 20 days after purchase the replacement parts arrived (Let me digress for a moment to register my astonishment at how well packaged these parts were. Ask yourself how likely are wheels, bolts and nuts to suffering any damage from rough handling? Well they were bagged, packed in foam peanuts and boxed. Enough you say? Nay, this box was also packed in foam peanuts into ANOTHER box! Had Pyle put this much care into manufacturing this equipment rack in the first place I wouldn’t have been compelled to write this less than complementary review.) With all parts in hand I was ready to assemble… or so I thought. Problem #2) The crossbars on the bottom have little tabs that are supposed to fit into corresponding slots on the the side panels. I had to take a mallet, bang a little, test fit (lather, rinse, repeat) until they were straight enough to align into the tabs. Problem #3) Getting the wheels screwed into the bottom was an entirely new can of worms in itself. While the two front wheels presented little problem the threads for the back set immediately halted assembly. They were hitting something about a half inch in. I again find the need to digress in order to explain how shoddy construction led to this problem. The hollow rectangular framework has 4 holes drilled out for the wheels – these are NOT threaded. Instead, a bolt is welded to a small rectangular plate about 7/8 x 1 5/8 and this in turn is welded onto the beam. Unfortunately in this case, the welding was sloppy and/or the hole was not big enough and out of alignment and consequently when the bolt for the wheel is inserted it hits this edge… of course stripping the threads. To make a long story short, a tap and die set along with a Dremel tool later and all the wheels are finally in. Assembly complete – minor celebration with a effervescent and refreshing ginger ale!

Now attempting to mount a Pyle PFN41 Rack Mount Cooling Fan System with LCD Temperature Display. This rack is CURSED I tell you! Problem #4) The rack mount holes running up and down the left and right side are not in alignment. While the right side is OK, the top hole on the left side is too close to the top crossbeam. This means the fan assembly has to move down a couple of holes, leaving a slightly lopsided gap.

Oh, and if this wasn’t enough to test my patience, it turns out the fan assembly has one of the four fans inoperative (so it looks like I’ll be doing a review of that as well, grrrrr!)

The Pyle DJ Rack Stand with Mic Holder I ordered on June 30 arrived, dinged, bent, filthy dirty, and with a light coat of rust.

Part of it was FedEx, part of it was the flimsy packaging. The combination creating a situation where Woot must now deal with the return.

I’ve always enjoyed my purchased from Woot … but here’s one case where I think they’re dealing with a crappy manufacturer/vendor.