Pyle Double DIN Stereo Receiver, 6.5" Touch Screen & BT

Any idea if this would fit a 2010 WRX??

WRX wave

It should, with a bezel. I have the same ride, but I can’t find any reviews of the unit, so I’m not sure it’s worth getting :frowning:

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Ahh boo, yea that’s holding me back too. I’ve got an old Pioneer unit that was in the car when I got it that is terrible, and this looks too good to be true.

Thanks for the feedback! Cheers.

In my experience Pyle is one of those companies where the device is either pretty decent or terrible. Never gotten anything from them in between. That said there are a few reviews on amazon doesn’t really look like a promising stereo. I’d probably save my money and get a name brand

Will this fit in a 2001 Honda CR-V?