Pyle Electrical Testing

could this be used for a hot tub??


Ironic. Pyle equipment testing to see if OTHER equipment is working properly…

or a time machine

For the Pyle PVTC2020U, the title suggests it is step up or step down but the description only suggests it converts 220V down to 110V. Which is it? (I ordered it thinking it had step up functions as well)…

It depends on the hot tub.

If the hot tub heat and motor is more then 5000 watts (I think that is pretty likely for a large tub) than I would say no. It exceeds the power rating of the converter.

If it’s less than 5000W then, sure, it should work.

Pyle’s site has more info. There is a voltage switch like you find on most switching power supplies to select input voltage. It is step-up/step-down. However, it does say that it has a “european” plug, so you may need an adapter of some description. You could also cut the end of the cord and wire your own if you plan to use it for only one thing.

I’m pretty sure that is a typo. I’m assuming that the 120 side has a “plug” end and not a “socket”. It would probably WORK both ways, but the only way to accomplish that is to have a “deadman’s cord” like you would use to temporarily hook up a generator to your dryer outlet. Alternatively, if you’re handy, you can probably figure out how to swap the plugs/sockets around to make it safe.

I wonder if the LUX meters are accurate at all. This could shut a lot of people up about their stupid “my light has more lumens” arguments.

I heard the LUX meters were $1000’s so I never looked for one…and here is one for $30… Hrmmmm.

Oh wait, Pyle.

I would like to buy a beer for whoever wrote this headline.

It does both. Apparently the switch frogs the input and output. From the manual:

“• In countries with 220V power, select 200V for Step-Down conversion
• In countries with 110V power, select 100V for Step-Up conversion
• Built-in AC 110/220V Voltage Selector Switch”

Lol! Hard to see if other equipment is working if the equipment you’re using isn’t working. Gotta love Pyle.

For some reason, this sale scares me.

Oh my gosh, I’m going to hit this sale hard - I’m moving to Africa this summer and will definitely need some transformers!

Pyle Meters PIRT25 @ $22.99 + $5 shipping is no deal. Currently $24.99 and free prime shipping from Amazon.

thanks everyone!

Does anyone know if the PLTM35 mini multimeter REALLY only tests from 200 to 600 V? If this is true, it makes the thing pretty much useless…

200 millivolt to 600 volt.


Almost everything you own will already work on any voltage from 50 - 240. Check the label. My daughter’s in Asia right now, and every single thing she brought works fine on 220. So all she needs is an adapter, not a transformer. ($5 vs $50.)

Generally, the only things that don’t run on almost any voltage these days are things with big motors and/or heaters. Even some blow dryers today have a voltage switch.

This little multimeter is awesome. Where else can you spend $10 and check both AC and DC volts AND the integrity of your ethernet cables. Yeah, most people use wireless for the interwebs. I’ve already used it for work (checking machine voltages and wafer battery voltages) and at home for a wonky cat5 cable. Well worth the price and good quality. Oh and the readout screen adjusts, so no more having to find that perfect place to set it.