Pyle Electronics Extravaganza

Looks like PICL29B is cheaper on the parent site if you’re a prime member.
Reviews are sparse but not glowing endorsements.

PHPNC85 is cheaper on Amazon as well.

Some of the list prices vs. the Woot! prices here reminds me of the Invicta watches Woot! sells.

How waterproof are the Pyle 3.5’’ Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Speakers?

A google search turns up a bunch of results of them being “weatherproof” and not “Waterproof.”

To be more specific, can these simply be splashed/rained on without a problem? Or if I capsize my canoe and they end up in a waterlogged boat for 10 minutes, will they still be fine?

Anyone know how this compare to the Motorola S-11? Similar product, but these are at least half the price.

The USB DAC is interesting…

Nice Photoshop work on that iPhone that is clearly not an iPhone…

Single DIN for those who are wondering. I sure was. If it were Double I’d be interested.

Does anyone know the weight of the Pyle Pro PPHP103MU 10" 600W Powered Two-Way PA Speaker with MP3/USB/SD Playback. Also it says you can use an iPod, but doesn’t say anything about how it is connected.

I love the concept of “list price”.

On what planet is that alarm clock/radio $234? Not on this one. $77 on Amazon, $90 on Overstock. I suspect it hasn’t been $234 since the day it came out. And yet the “list price” is $234, which means it’s 72% off! OMG you guys, 72% off!

PYLE PRO PDCDTP620M DJ Player: What software comes with this dj table? Can I send and mix music from my computer onto this player through the usb connection? I’m considering just getting a USB controller from Numark or this one…

Not sure on weight but “SPECS = 3.5mm Aux-In Compatible With All Digital Music Players, Including iPhone” would be my guess on connection.

The Pyle iPod dock is cheaply made and produces sound you might expect from that iPod dock you won at Chucky Cheese. The list price of $120 is extremely disingenuous.

Bad copy editing on the bike computers. The description for the PBKCM4WL wireless computer says “Connects to your bicycle with a wired connection.” A check of the Pyle website confirms this isn’t the case.

And the PBKCM3W wired computer has “Freeze Fame Memory” so your 15 minutes can last forever!

Thanks for pointing that out. It’s fixed.