Pyle Electronics

So, is this an actual turntable that you can convert LPs into your computer, or would you need a turntable to connect to this?

it’s just a pre-amp. you’ll need a seperate turntable :expressionless:

Bought the headphones last time they were on woot, decent sound quality but they’re too tight on my big head and that makes it uncomfortable.

I can’t figure out why a pre-amp would have a tonearm. Like the poster to whom you responded, I thought it was a turntable.

D’oh, reading the specs is often a good idea:

Yeah, I kinda figured that out too after looking at the tiny size the deviceage! :slight_smile:

The headphones are marginally cheaper (but with free 2-day shipping) on Amazon Prime. And less (more?) than half the price if you’re willing to buy used.

But the reviews (there, at least) are almost evenly mixed between positive and negative. Hmm. Food for thought.

I’ve bought 4 pairs of these now and love them. I have a small head and my dh has a large head and he hasn’t complained about them being too tight, I guess he stretched them by now.

The noise cancellation works really well. I can watch a movie on my iPad while the dh watches TV in the same room and not hear the TV with the sound blaring. I haven’t tried them on a plane yet, but so far they seem to be a great buy. Nice case for travelling too.

I bought two of the powered pa speakers and one had a damaged plastic case. It kind of came in two pieces and some of the plastic chipped off.

One must remember that Pyle products are not top quality. Sure many of them work as advertised, but from my Google research there are many problems with Pyle. Buyer beware and remember…you get what you pay for.