Pyle Ford Focus 2012 DVD Headunit

Has anyone been able to find anything about these units? I can’t find so much as a review of them. Seems really sketchy.

I’ve seen similar kits around. Do these have the necessary wiring for steering wheel controls? What software us running on this?

This model allows use of existing steering wheel controls. It uses I-go GPS software

While this unit has a CANBUS controller, it doesn’t seem to support steering wheel controls by default. They are apparently done with two leads, but I’m not sure where they go. The unit itself apparently runs on wince 6.0. This is a great little unit, despite some some minor issues with responsiveness, sorting of media files on usb that defies logic, and the fact that the usb port is on the back of the unit, meaning I have to pull the whole thing out to access my usb drive. It seems to ignore the factory usb in the center console. Still for the price, I like it. It’s a step above Ford Sync, and opens up new possibilities such as an amp or backup camera! Now if I could only find better documentation…

Found out the cause of the sorting issue. Apparently this thing ignores id3 tags for VBR mp3’s. Go figure.