Pyle HD Outdoor IP Camera

Does anyone have any experience with these? I can’t find any information online anywhere, are they that new?

I just purchased this camera, as it sounded like it would be “easy” to install on a wireless system. Let me tell you that it is not. There are virtually no installation instructions provided, and when you do find some help, it is inaccurate as to model, screens, etc. I would send this back, but Woot doesn’t accept returns. This will be my last purchase, on Woot, that involves electronics, or high cost items…

Hi there,
This is Ryan with Pyle.
I just want to say I would be happy to help answer any questions anyone has about my product. Feel free to reach out to me directly!

I have put together a full FAQ resource for anyone’s reference to common questions

Check out the video guides for setup with our PC web viewer or mobile app - even 3rd party software.