Pyle In-Ear Chargeable Hearing Amplifier

As a parent with hearing impaired kids, I can’t stress enough how bad of an idea this product is. If you think you need this device you should get properly tested and if needed, fitted with a properly programmed hearing aid.

This is a very poor idea. Fit the loss with proper amplification by a professional. Everyone’s who has a hearing loss has a different shape loss and the proper hearing aid can be fit to properly fit the loss. Seeking a professional could possibly save a life. What type of loss you have? Is it something that needs medical attention? Is it a conductive loss? is it sensorineural loss? is it mixed loss? Is it something on the auditory nerve? Does your loss need to be referred to a otolaryngologist? Seek out a professional. This is your hearing healthcare!

If you’re insurance doesn’t cover hearing aides and you don’t have the thousands of dollars typical care would cost, then this type of affordable hearing aide may be the only realistic option.

For $35 it’s worth a try. If anyone has a better idea there are millions of people on Medicare that would love to hear the solution to the problem.

Just a quick note if this sale ever comes again:

Dad’s hearing has been getting worse, and by some miracle he agreed to get one of these, just to wear around the house. I think it was the price.

I ordered it just two days ago and it arrived today. We’re still adjusting the level, but it has made a huge difference for him already. It’s really, really good.

I bought this and let me tell you, it is definitely not worth the money!!! The hiss in your ear makes it impossible to hear anything until it is so loud in your ear that I am positive it would in itself cause further hearing damage. DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! It’s a waste of good money!!!