Pyle Indoor/Outdoor BT Speakers-2 Colors



$51 @ B&H. Pretty good reviews for the price point.


Do you have a link?


So these can be mounted, plugged in to an electrical outlet, connected to your bluetooth device and play. Is this correct? What does it mean that one speaker is active and one is passive?
Thanks for any assistance


It means that the amplifier is located in one, and powers not only itself, but the other in the pair (making the second one passive). This is to eliminate having to plug both into an electrical outlet.
You will have to:

  1. connect them together to each other via wire
  2. either
    a. connect them to a music source
    b. stream music to them via bluetooth


Many Thanks.


Would these be loud enough for an outdoor movie without buying a separate amp? Just plugging in a bluray player?