Pyle It On, Turn It Up

PT678HBA is absolutely terrible. it doesn’t really work other than light up and make noise. by noise I mean… the signal you want to hear is completely ruined by static hissing and popping. the HDMI ports do not work. and oh yeah… when it’s “OFF” it makes an annoying noise like beeping through the speakers and then its an awful screeching noise. it has to be unplugged.

the subwoofer was held in with only 2 screws. I think this was not reconditioned and as new as much as an untested repackaged return. I am saddened and disappointed. refurbished i supposed to mean sold in good working order, as close to new as you can get, right? i feel cheated.

Same problem as other buyer. Also purchased the PT678HBA. Called for warranty info, guy said to mail back to him with $20 and they will fix it and send it back. Not really wanting to spend even more money on “pyle” of S*%t