Pyle Marine Grade Bluetooth Speaker

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Pyle Marine Grade Bluetooth Speaker
Price: $39.99
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Eh, it’s $40 bucks. Works pretty well when listening to the Jim Rome show from my iphone in the office (way better than listening from the actual phone, adds decent bass), pairs okay and the battery life is decent. Not warm enough to try arond the pool yet but it is pretty heavy, surprisingly. No true complaints…it’s no Bose but I guess it does get the job done, so far.

I’m happy with mine. I’ve had it for a while. Battery life has been reasonable. Pairing has been as good as any speaker I have or better. Sound is good. I think my only complaint is that it has no volume control of it’s own. Oh wait, looking at the picture, maybe it does. Which is to say either I have an older one or the design is such that it isn’t obvious how to operate the volume.

Not worth the money because it is not loud enough.

It’s loud enough to use in the garage; I hang it from a hook. I’m pleased with mine. The only problem I have had is that sometimes it unpauses playback spontaneously.

I’ve had one of these for over a year now, it’s actually a great value for $40. Pairs easily, weatherproof, I use it every day in my outdoor shower. I have NFC turned on and a tag programmed in my galaxy S4, so that as soon as I turn the speaker on, it pairs and opens my radio app.

We have a very expensive BT speaker for music on the deck, but day in day out this is the one I use. Run time on a battery charge is impressive, I don’t know the hours, but I’m charging once a month. and yes, two buttons on it control volume up and down on the phone.
I’d be in for another one but my first still works so well

Got one of these Friday in my bag of crap, packaging was completely shredded, no manual or cables, but whatever tried to eat it did not damage the speaker itself. Seems solidly built, pairs easily, sounds about as good as you could expect from 2" speakers (a little better than the Jlabs Crusher I also have, but also bigger and heavier). Reasonably balanced sound.

Anyone who expects these little speakers to blast out large volume in open areas may be disappointed, but they work decently well in smaller spaces.

Hold down the volume buttons. Otherwise, pressing the buttons will advance one track or go back one track.

I’ve had one for a few months. Sounds like a badly tuned AM radio. Awful. Absolutely unsatisfactory sound quality. In fact, I’m sure the speaker was defective when I received. Woot, however, said that my “personal taste” in sound quality is not sufficient for a return. I think I might have a $40 paper weight or maybe something to hurl at the cats that keep pooping in my flower beds.

buddy and i each bought one month or so ago - excellent sound, range, usability. for $40? 5 stars.

Anyone know if you could connect multiple speakers to one bluetooth source? I’d like to put them around the pool in various locations, but not sure if I could connect multiple ones.

I have three bluetooth speakers (this one, rukus, and a $20 one from Tuesday Morning) technically four Bluetooth speakers if you count the 10" pyle Bluetooth speakers previously sold here and here is the deal on this speaker:

Sound and volume is fine but you need to place it no more than two feet from your phone (Motorola RAZR MAXX). All of my other Bluetooth speakers I can be between 10-20 ft away, even the cheap $20 one.

Got one of these. The sound was ok, about whgat you would expect, and pairing was easy. The night I got i, one of my kids’ friends dropped in about 3 feet onto concrete. It was toast. It may look shockproof, but not so much. I also have a jambox (the little one) it made the same journey to the floor onto the same contract. It got a small dent, but it didn’t harm it functionally.

Best bathroom speaker I’ve ever bought for $40 on Woot. Also the only one.

Got me, Woot. I’ve been looking at these each time they come out and I finally am in for one. I like the thought of protecting my iPhone.

I bought one of these last year from Woot, and (for once), I wasn’t disappointed with my purchase.

I use it in the shower to listen to music. It pairs with my iPhone automatically when I turn the unit on and I can control volume/track etc. from the unit that sits in my shower. It is loud enough to be heard easily in the shower at far-from-max volume. The sound quality is good for a $40 speaker (but don’t expect $1000 speaker quality–obviously).

So far, it has managed to pair with my phone no matter where I left it, including through three to four walls. I was impressed with the Bluetooth range, though it will occasionally transmit transient interference if someone walks between the phone and the speaker.

I only use it for 10-15 minutes per day, but I only have to recharge the battery every couple of months.

It hangs on a shower curtain hook, and it does exactly what I needed it to do. Great price for that!