Pyle Marine Grade Bluetooth Speaker

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Check out these comments from when this was offered in May and check out this review over at iLounge

How is the volume on these?
Just got the jambox and it’s no louder than the speakers on my phone. Better sound but not any more volume.
I feel like I got ripped off by the jambox. If I have to carry it around to hear it why wouldn’t I just carry my phone?

I got one and I’m not happy with it. Seems to crackle and be a bit ‘tinny’. I’m not happy with it and wouldn’t purchase it again if it were $10.

LOVE these speakers!! I’ve bought Three at previous Woot and am thinking about one more! These are fantastic waterproof speakers ideal for iPhone, etc as the buttons on board the speaker turn it on/off, next song, replay/previous, and my favorite part… Volume up and down! I have one inside the shower on a shelf… It’s great to push buttons, etc with wet hands and know it won’t hurt the speaker! I have them outdoors on the patio and porch and never have to worry if I forget them outside and it rains… Cool! They are Loud too, they go high enough so while I’m singing along, in the shower, with the music I can’t hear how bad my voice sounds! Lol. I highly recommend this Pyle speaker! Thanks

I have had one of these (purchased from woot) for over a year, and it works quite nicely. Yeah, it’s not going to compete with studio monitors, but it performs pretty well for it’s size, and it’s fairly rugged. My son also bought one after seeing my speaker, and so have a few friends, and we are all pretty pleased with it.

I recently lost my speaker, stupidly leaving it in a hotel room while traveling. I couldn’t wait for it to go back on sale at woot, so I went straight to the Mother Ship and picked one up for $45.92 (the black one is cheapest, and the other colors cost more) with prime shipping. The same model number as before, but with better bluetooth performance. I’m not sure which version of this model you’d get here, but either way, it’s a decent little performer.

As a self proclaimed Stereophile, these things rock for the price! I got them in a previous sale here. I use them at the lake, while kayaking, or anywhere outside where water is around. Volume is loud for the size and they’ve taken a few dips with water and still sound like the day I got them. My only minor gripe is to increase/decrease the volume you hold the buttons down, but the same buttons are also used to skip forwards/backwards, so sometimes instead of changing the volume you end up skipping the song…minor annoyance, but separate buttons would have been preferred.

I bought a soundkick a while ago for work (I work inside airplanes). I accidentally received one of these Pyle speakers after I sent in a pyle 1080p camera that had failed after a week. I never got the camera back, but they did send me this (no explanation???). I feel like I got the better end of the deal. This speaker has very good sound and good bass, it isn’t quite as loud as the Sound Kick - but decent for a smaller room, or enclosed space like airplanes. The BEST PART is the battery life. This thing keeps going and going like a pink bunny on crack! The sound kick lasted about 10 hours, this last days and days (of 4-6 hours per day).

It does have a quirk (at least mine does). If you pause the music and walk out of range, when you come back in blue tooth range it automatically starts playing your music/podcast. Annoying sometimes for me but I don’t think its enough to poo poo the speaker.

I bought one of these last year. The sound is ok. I’ve heard better and I’ve heard worse. One thing to note these speakers are more splash proof than waterproof. I own several bluetooth speakers but my favorite waterproof speaker is a small Ecorox. It floats and is truly submersable. A big warehouse store C…had them on sale and I picked a couple up for not much more.

The Pyle is heavy and could be used in self defense. :-). I have it where it shouldn’t get wet. I have heard folks using these in the bathroom and they died.

Overall I wouldn’t buy another but use my existing in a dry place for podcasts and audiobooks but rarely.

Wonder if this would sound good and loud on a motorcycle ?

I have a green one I bought to use while on those government sponsored trips my uncle likes to send me on. So I can atest to the tinny and not so loud volume of my unit. IDT it would be loud enough to overcome wind noise much less your bike. It isn’t enough for government work around the green and tan vehicles. The battery life is great and the battery’s shelf life is good too. I sometimes forget to top it off, but it always seems to have as much as I left in it, even after a month. Mine only plays sound from a very small part of it, not all of the grilled areas, so mine may be atypical. It has been fairly rugged.

They are $45 on Amazon with free shipping anyhow, couple bucks cheaper than here… Nothing special unless there is a deal, and since you can buy elsewhere for less, how is this a deal, especially if you thought the sound was poor…

Is there a way to attached to the bicycle? It will be ideal if it is solar powered.

$45.92 with free shipping if you have prime. This is only a deal if you want to save $1.

If you aren’t concerned about it being a “marine speaker”, go to amazon and buy a Sharkk
; best speaker I’ve ever come across and usually costs $20.

Most definitely not, this speaker sounds okay in a room but you’ll not hear anything over the wind noise on a motorcycle.
Others have commented on the “crackle” you hear, and the tinny sound and I’d agree, but it seems like a pretty rugged speaker and the battery life has been good in my opinion! Sound quality leaves something to be desired but for the money its better built than others in this price range!

I have these. I sent one off to college with my kid, and kept one for myself. I use it with my various internet radio apps on my phone and tablet, so I’m not looking for audiophile perfection, just some time away from the earbud life around the house and garage.

They work fine, I’m happy with the performance overall.

The speaker is surprisingly directional. It has sort of a 360 look to it, but there is a very pronounced corridor of great sound. Turn it away just a bit and it sounds like you’re listening from the next room. Obvious when you think about it, I know. But just so you know…

I bought one of these from Woot on 8/21/2013 and it is crap. The sound crackle’s when it gets up to loud, very tinny and the bluetooth only works up to about 10-15 feet. I would steer clear of this POS.

Is this waterproof/water resistant?