PYLE Marine-Grade Bluetooth Speaker

Oh hey, lookie here. It’s a new site!

Who you calling a tool, TT?!?!?!!?!

If the tool fits…

can’t find any reviews anywhere on this thing…

I really want to buy this thing but the lack of reviews is troubling. Does anyone have any experience with this thing? If so please share! Thanks in advance.

I, too, am very intrigued. I’m thinking it would be nice for playing music by the hot tub and/or bonfire. I’m just drunk enough to buy, too!

Yeah, sounds like it would be good for those applications. Don’t know about this specific product, but in general PYLE makes pretty good stuff.

My wife bought me a Beats by Dr. Dre Pill for my birthday. Wondering how this compares.

Note the physical dimensions and the lack of perspective photo’s. Easily attachable to carabiner, chain, or wire, roughly 9"x3"x3". Definitely not going to be a powerhouse. And don’t people joining the Marine’s generally maintain a “C” average?

Scoured the interweb. Nothing available for a review. Only thing I noticed is that this first became available on Amazon on March 8th of this year. That is a pretty short time to hit the bargain bin. Draw your own conclusions.

what the hell - in for 1 - gonna attach it to my seadoo this summer.

People join the Marine Corps, not the “Marine’s”. Did anyone ever tell you not to generalize by the way, I maintained a 3.75 in college before joining the Marines sir.

This speaker is slightly larger than the Beats Pill (which sounds much bigger than it looks). Granted, the Beats Pill is $200 everyday retail, but for $40 I’m willing to take the dive. Just wonder what the wattage is (probably 2Wx2 or 3Wx2).

“Marine grade.” Heh.

Those who can’t keep at the C level or above become submariners. Because they’re below sea level…

Not much more info

also troubling is you cant download the manual.

well that’s awesome! this is a horrible price woot! clicked the buy online via pyle and they send you here where they are GIVING them away!

No stock though lol

I’m a bit worried by the lack of reviews, but I’m going to cross my fingers and give this one a try. If anyone has tried this speaker I’d love to hear about it.

I’m in for one, but also waiting for a sarcastic order confirmation like “ha ha, April Fools, everybody knows Bluetooth doesn’t work near the water”

Typical import move
Company finds product they like, repackages and brands it, and it goes from cheap unknown to name brand overnight… Pyle? Yea, they make OK stuff, it must be good! :wink:
Too new and unknown to be copied, which is the more common import scam
Here is a link to the real deal with some great views. No reviews but who can pass up in minimum purchase of 3000?
Typically this will include free branding

and it’s $28.60 u.s. dollars. shipping would be expensive no doubt, but still not worth the $147 woot has it listing for.