Pyle Marine Grade Bluetooth Speakers

4.0 Stars over at Overstock

I have the green one from a previous woot and it is spectacular. Great battery life and sound quality is really amazing.

We use it at the beach or boating and I put it in the golf cart to have jams while working out in the yard (we have acres). It lasts longer than I do usually.

Only downside is no speakerphone capability, but I can live with it.

I purchased the green one three years ago on woot and it works just as good today as it did the day we bought it.
I highly recommend this.

dont’ waste your money at this ,
the speakers are weak…
avoid this all cost.

I have 2 of these. can’t complain. for 25 dollars I would say they are probably tough to beat. Dont expect them to be able to be loud enough for a large party or anything like that, but they are plenty loud for showers, BBQ’s, outdoor activities, etc. Blue tooth range is pretty short as well. Overall I am happy with them. I have not tested their sea worthiness but they seem pretty sturdy and well insulated.

I’ve had the blue one since August 2013, purchased right here on woot. I got it to be a shower speaker since it’s “marine grade,” and it lives in my shower caddy under the showehead (so it gets steamed regularly but not hosed down).

Let’s get the cons out of the way first: “marine grade” is marketing BS, as evidenced by the fact that the speaker grill has rusted up badly. The sound is just “meh” and distorts at not-very-high volume ranges.

On the pros side, however, the electronics have held up much better than the case, and the battery lasts forever.

For $25 it’s not a bad speaker, but I won’t be purchasing another given it doesn’t work great for my purpose.

Bought one about 3 years ago. It works fine but is not loud enough for a boat if the engine is running. Can only hear it good when engine is off. O.K. if using a trolling motor but marine grade does not mean good for boats.

Not bad for $25. I’ll add that the bluetooth range isn’t very good. but after 3 years, I still get a solid 6 hrs out of the battery and the volume is decent, but not great. Sound quality is tiny speakers quality.

It’s worked well for the beach and float trips, although we’ve since upgraded.

You just can’t beat the quality at this price. I actually lost mine for a year and when I pulled it out it still had enough charge in the battery to play music for several hours!

Agree with all of the comments above, but I’ll add two:

  1. My son has dropped this thing quite a bit and it is no worse for the wear.
  2. The control buttons on the unit don’t make a lot of sense, but they work.

Worth it for a $25 speaker for my back yard so I can listen to music while we play around the yard (but won’t annoy the neighbors) and I’m not worried about my toddler breaking it.

is it true that this model does NOT have an auxiliary (3.5") input? I was just about to pull the trigger, just deciding on which color to get, when I realized there are two different models that look identical (60 vs 70). According to an Amazon Q&A, only the 70 has Aux input. confirm? (The only Bluetooth I like is the singing Woot pirate)

My partner and I bought a pair of these last summer, and they definitely have an aux input (they even came with the cable).

however, on looking at the unit itself, mine’s actually a 70. On looking at the previous sale’s archive, the headline’s exactly the same. No idea if that actually means you’ll get the same unit.

(BTW, while I rarely use the aux cable, i use the speaker on the back of my bicycle, in all weather, clear through a Western PA winter, with no problems. Use an hour or two a day, charge it maybe once or twice a week. Absolutely would buy this again.)

They definitely have two models - one with AUX jack input; one without. I’ve bought both.

This one appears to be the “without.”

Bull. Tell me a better bluetooth for $25.00???

These are good speakers especially for the price. Bot some more for gifts.

Got the green one years ago. Still pluggin’ along! We use it daily. Great battery life and it sounds great!

We have 3 of the in our house. I have bought them as gifts.Great sound , long battery life, very rugged. Absolutely awesome!!!

I, too, bought one three years ago and it still works perfectly. It sucks when compared to my bluetooth Bose speaker but for $25 it is fantastic. I’ve had mine in my shower and use it daily. It gets wet all the time. The control buttons on the unit do suck. It’s almost impossible just to turn up the volume a tad. You will end up changing the channel every time or skipping to the next song. I’m considering buying another just to have!

Seriously, look at the last picture. The guy is using a power grinder and ear protection. Do you really think he can hear the music?!?!?!