Pyle Marine Grade Bluetooth Speakers

I bought one of these two years ago from woot it works great. It actually got fully submerged a few times this weekend when I took it on a canoe trip and it kept on playing no problems. I always thought it was splash-only and was very pleased and surprised to see it was still working after being completely dumped in the water when the canoe flipped. It also floated!

It’s my travel speaker and I frequently get compliments on how well it sounds and how it’s ruggedized and people can’t believe I paid less than $30 for it. When it pops back up on woot I usually send out the link to people who have asked about it and a few have bought their own and everyone has been pleased with it.

I will say it’s on the heavier side, so it’s not the easiest travel speaker. I don’t often take it on planes unless I have spare room in my carry on bag, just due to the weight and odd size.