Pyle Metal Detectors and Night Vision

Do those trail cams come with a 32GB flash drive as the title indicates or is it just referring to the ability to use a 32GB SD card which I assume is not included.

I’ve bought two Pyle products from woot. Both of them died a month into use. There is a reason for them being known as a Pyle of S**t.

Is there nothing this miracle company does not make? I am waiting for woot to start selling produce and aquaculture grown from the farms next to the factory. Pyle Blinky brand fish nuggets. Yum, what a treat.

I feel compelled to post some words about metal detectors:

All too often, I see folks buying inexpensive tools (usually for the kids) only to have the tool fail and discourage them from pursuing their interest. This applies to any number of tool types, be it metal detectors or musical instruments that won’t stay in tune.

I don’t want to discourage anyone from learning about detecting (I love it), but these are the classic example of “you get what you pay for”. Decent ‘starter’ detectors cost a bit more and will give you a better experience all the way around. Expect to pay at least $100-150 for a used starter detector as they retail for roughly twice that. A Fisher F2 (or F4) or Garrett ACE 250 are widely available used in the $150 range and will give an exponentially better experience than the units for sale here. The mentioned detectors will also last longer and have better resale value, should you decide to trade up or sell.

Yes, these will find metal, but they won’t tell you whether or not it’s metal you want to get down on your knees to dig for. There is a metric crap-ton of junk in the ground and I, for one, don’t want to spend all day digging nails and pop-tops. Depth is another issue. If you are looking for something in your yard that you lost recently, these will find it. If you are looking for silver coins dropped years ago, you’re probably out of luck. Compare the Harbor Freight 9 Function Metal Detector (which I own) to the Treasure Hunter 3000 and you’ll see that they are very similar, with the only real difference being the box the controls are in. Take your time, shop around and hit the numerous detecting fora before making your detector purchase.

Caveat Emptor

PS. Spend the money on a decent pin pointer. Pin pointers are small handheld detectors that will speed the recovery of found items immensely. After even a short time in the dirt, coins begin to look like the dirt.

PPS. Warning: Detecting is addictive! I started just under a year ago and currently own… oh goodness, hold on… SIX detectors from 5 manufacturers (Fisher F4 and F75, Minelab X-Terra w/2 coils, Tesoro Tejon, Garrett ACE350 w/3 coils and the Harbor Freight thing) plus two Garrett Pro-pointers.

You wrote (and thank you for doing so):

“SIX detectors from 5 manufacturers (Fisher F4 and F75, Minelab X-Terra w/2 coils, Tesoro Tejon, Garrett ACE350 w/3 coils and the Harbor Freight thing) plus two Garrett Pro-pointers.”

Of all this equipment, which is your favorite for all-purpose detecting? If you had your druthers what all-around best detector would you want to own if you had a no-hold barred choice to choose? Too difficult? Okay how about your top 3 detector recommendations? Is there more than one flavor of the Garrett Pro-pointers? Since you love it and I’m a newb, your comments will be appreciated and influential.

Well, as of yet I have been unable to find a single item Pyle makes that actually works. Bought several here on woot and its all broken right out of the box. Good luck returning anything here either. Never will you get a response. Bottom line is don’t buy Pyle of #$@% products. Chinese junk.

I’d love to hear a response feom Woot about returning items / warranty issues because I’ve heard this a few times recently. I’ve never had to return anything to Woot but If this is really the case I’m going to stop coming to this site.

You don’t deal with woot. Due to the nature of the business returns are not normal. If you have an issue they normally credit you back some of the money. I have had that done once and woot customer service was a pleasure to deal with. Most of the time though with DoA stuff you have to deal with the manufacture as all the stuff is normally under some sort of manufacturer warranty. Dealing with Pyle isn’t even worth the effort…if you can even get them to respond. Which the above poster was referring to.

I agree with some other posters said. there seems to be nothing that pyle doesn’t make. badly.

I have the same question !

Ooof… I don’t claim to be an expert, just a hoarder. :wink:

That said, I don’t believe there is such a thing as an all-around detector (well, except maybe the Minelab Sovereign GT) as they all do some things better than others. In my own stable, I like the Fisher products that I have the best. I use the F75SE the most, but I switch off to my Garrett ACE350 with a small DD coil when I’m searching around bleachers and playground equipment. It’s easier to just pick up the other detector than it is to change coils, and I have it handy, so…

For beach detecting, you’re looking at a whole other set of detectors. Salt water spray and sand are hard on sensitive electronics that aren’t protected against them. Most ‘land’ detectors will work on the beach up until the point where you hit wet/damp sand. After that, it’s pretty much hit or miss. The Minelab Excalibur is excellent for that.

The best thing I can recommend is to visit some of the metal detecting forums and read about users’ experiences. You’ll know what you want in a detector better than anyone else so shop around before you spend your money. Example: Some detectors have analog controls and no display. You rely solely on what the target sounds like to determine whether or not you want to dig. My Tesoro Tejon is like this. If I want to dig everything I come across (say, a relic situation or beach detecting) then I’d swing it. (*) Some have all digital controls and a display that shows a ton of sometimes confusing information in conjunction with the tones. The range is extensive, so narrow it down before you buy.

Pinpointers: The only one I’ve ever used is the Garrett Pro-Pointer. The pointer has a variable tone and vibration, both of which get faster the closer you are to metal. There are a number of others on the market, but the Garrett works just fine for me. Caution: There are counterfeit Garrett Pro-Pointers out there. Google it to find out how to tell the difference. A word of warning: Be prepared for sticker shock. It may seem like a huge investment, but the time and frustration saved is well worth it, IMHO.

For a first timer, you can’t beat the Fisher F2 combo that a number of dealers have for $215. It includes two search coils and a Fisher F-Point pinpointer. The Garrett ACE250 (note, not the 150 as you’ll quickly outgrow it) is also an excellent choice, although I don’t like the ACE series tones and lack of a volume control (even though I -DO- use and recommend the ACE).

Where to buy is almost as important as what to buy. Check your area for a local dealer and see what they have to try in their test garden. You may want to get something from them, even if it is a little cheaper elsewhere, just to support them and establish rapport. Contact the supporters of the various detecting forums and ask for their best price on what you want. The detector manufactures do not ALLOW dealers to advertise any prices below MSRP, but they can quote them to you if you ask, so don’t pay full retail.

Another word: Don’t expect to make a fortune detecting. I found a grand total of $153 in change and two pieces of sterling jewelry in five months. There’s still a lot of stuff in the ground, but you may never post a profit. It IS, however, a lot of fun.

(*)First time out with the Tejon, I dug half of a staple. It took FOREVER to find.

Please do yourself a favor and research before you buy… The fastest way to hate metal detecting is to get a piece of junk. Not all great metal detectors are expensive. Some have fancy digital displays and water resistance… But when I bought I got two Tesoro detectors. They are very basic when it comes to “bells and whistles” but highly regarded in the detecting community and forums for their depth and accuracy. They also have a lifetime warranty and a great reputation for honoring it.

There are other great machines out there from White, Garret, Minelab… Figure out what your needs are and do a little research so you don’t just end up with something gathering dust in your closet. One more tip - pay attention to weight. Even a few pounds can get rough after 30 minutes, if your potential machine is 5lb, try to imagine waving a gallon of milk around. The best detector is the one you’ll actually use. It can be a fun hobby for solo or even a family to get outside and go. (Make sure to check the laws in the area you plan on searching, also typical hunting mantra is leave the area as you found it aka no ugly holes… put things back as you found them)

Happy hunting :wink:

I am not laughing at your misfortune of buying something & it dying. That really stinks to loose hard earned money, but I did laugh at your idea for an advertising campaign for Pyle Products. (“Pyle of S**t”)


Well, I am not a Woot Employee, however, for the very first time, I bought an item from Woot that arrived D.O.A.& all I can say is that Woot was polite, quick to return emails, offered a very fair deal & refunded quickly with zero hassle.

I had not even heard of anyone having a problem with a woot return before I read this posting.

Believe me, they were good to me, and if they would not have been, I would not come back every day & buy things I like that I just cannot live without.
Just like other folks out there that are done wrong with businesses or a purchase, if you do me wrong with something of mine, the last thing I am going to do is reward someone that does me wrong with more of my money!

(No Woot did not pay me for this statement, but if they would like to send me one of the infamous Woot Bags of Crap, then I am open to that!). :heart_eyes_cat:

Have a great weekend all!


Oh, well, maybe I goofed purchasing this night vision viewer. It’s too early to say whether it’s good or bad. The one time I tied it (city conditions with lots of stray light) it worked well.

However, I searched the thing from top to bottom, scoured the manual and the on-line instructions from the Pyleaudio website Hunting Camera PSHTCM88 and despite mention of an SD card slot, I can’t find one: on the thing itself or in the literature. I suspect it’s got built-in memory, not a detachable card.

Has anyone found it?

I agree with Korvix, they should have been called “Pyles of Crap”, as they are the biggest pieces of crap I have ever bought from Woot in the past 10 years. Your quality is slipping! Refund?