Pyle Metal Detectors (Your Choice)

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Pyle Metal Detectors (Your Choice)
Price: $21.99 - 44.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Thursday, Jul 03 to Tuesday, Jul 08) + transit
Condition: New


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Product Page for the 1000

Time to check out the product page for the 2000 and the PMD38

if you want to get involved in Metal Detecting and channel your inner Treasure hunter Here’s a place to start

Not too impressed, woot.
Secure Scan PMD48 is $39.99 shipped with prime. The PMD38 is $24.99 prime shipped.

I’m starting to get the feeling that the folks at Woot own shares in Pyle, the amount of the cra… I mean, merchandise, they’re flinging at us lately!

How do these compare to the popular models available from Harbor Freight?

The TH 2000 model is the same price at Amazon after shipping. Not impressive at all.

Also, wondering HOW, exactly, a metal detector can be identified as something having to do with sports??

Although, all that really slow walking around, listening for a beep, then having to dig down 6" to find an old soda can tab, MUST be good for your heart…right??

Sure, you are burning much more calories than sitting on a park bench pulling the soda can top. Besides there are competitions among other slow walkers to see who finds the oldest pop top. Those can get downright ugly at times,

Why does Woot mother Amazon claim the Treasure Hunter 2000 “list price” is $59.99 whilst Woot claims a silly and lofty $131.99?

No reviews for it over there either.

Lacking any authoritative reviews, I’d consider this a toy. We paid twice this Woot price price on sale for a model with an LCD display at Radio Shack… and it performs like a toy.

From even casual research it appears you have to spend at least $200, even $500+ to get something useful.

Stats prove that walking slowly holding a metal detector burns far more calories than posting on Woot. I’m looking to buy one but not this one.

I wonder if I could get the Secure Scan through airport security…

Amazon owns woot…

@Schlebb, making one of them redundant.

Before my recent experience with the Pyle network/electrical testers, I didn’t have an opinion on Pyle. Now, I would recommend against anything Pyle. The devices came missing parts and their quality is not great. But, the kicker is the support. It’s awful. Trying to get an answer on the cross-talk feature took a couple weeks. And I tried to buy additional remotes for identification with the network tester and was told, “We don’t have them.” I bought 3 devices and only 1 of them is even marginally usable. But, I calibrate it only to have to calibrate it again every time it’s turned on. The length feature will be 20-25% off on a short run of 25ft without calibration. And it won’t remember I want “Feet” as default, not “Meters” If I had bought these at full price, I would be extremely agitated. So… no more Pyle ANYTHING for me.

Woot’s up? Refurbished or China’s junk?

Burning calories means it’s exercise, not a sport. However, I’ve been to some professional metal detecting tournaments. I didn’t think of it as a sport until I saw it first hand. Those people are competive and ruthless! You think getting hit with a lacrosse stick or a hockey stick looks painful? How about getting cross-checked with a metal detector!