Pyle Mini LED Gaming Projector

Product Page with Manuals and More

Pretty terrible reviews at Amazon.

320x240 resolution… seriously? Was it designed for the Commodore 64 computer?

How can it have “Full HD 1080p Support” yet the “Content will display at 320 x 240 Pixel Native Resolution” ?

How does that work, either it does 1080P or it doesn’t, which is it woot?

Woot and Pyle are not incorrect that it “supports” 1080p. All that means is that you can input that resolution from something like a DVD player, game console, etc.

The native resolution is what you always have to look at for projectors, as that is of course the determining factor on what you will actually be seeing up on screen. If you want to see a full, 1080p resolution up on screen, you’ll have to get a projector that’s around $500+, depending on the model.

It’s a Pyle and they ain’t kiddin’.

yeaha pyle of shit

Half the rez of ntsc. Why…

Very weak display. Only visible in a dark room.

This is a do not buy. Don’t be like me, save your money. Easily the worst product ever sold on Woot.

This could be useful for hooking up to a raspberry pi… but I bet a small tv would be cheaper

Get one of these when they’re $9.99 with free shipping and not a penny more. They’re great for emulating classic Nintendo and Sega games and not much else.

Gaming Projector? For that resolution does it means it’s for Atari?

No, that would be the 49.00 deluxe model which sold out in minutes the last time it was here. But I can assure you, it works GREAT with my Timex sinclar. :wink:

This really sucks!!! Not a good product. They must stop selling this #%##%%@#@#

Wife bought one to display some printed material in her (darkened) classroom - she’s found it to be less of a projector and more of a “children’s vision tester.” Terrible. Resist the urge on this on. Wootazon, please no more.

I bought it, plugged it in once, fired it up, shook my head at the terrible resolution, put it in the closet and never took it out again. Please learn from my mistake, this projector is a joke.

ROFL I was thinking Atari 2600 but yes lol

The name says it all.